placement – 2006 !!!

25 Feb

m not use to write blogs !! but somethin inside me is forcin me to write one .

u must hav read the placement reprot of dis year , by gautam . it is the first time i saw de xact figures wid CG . n its quit relieving tht many guyz got better job then the da person havin better CG then them.

i use think , tht CG is to differentiate between the smart n less smart ppl . but, i was so wrong, its true tht best CG got best job . but its not a linear relation ship .

i was pissed off last night , because of my ADC marks . i was thinkin tht m good for nothin , but thanx to gautam ,

this remind me one thing wht handa said tht study for knowledge , not for CG . may be his philosophical thoughts hav weigth. neways i wont bore u nemore , so if ne first yrs r readin this then one sandesh for them-
i hav no tips to convey , coz m still watin for mine :p, so just study , njoy – 30:70, coz these day will make ur golden memories …
for da ppl who hav less CG – remember CG dosent metter 🙂


One Response to “placement – 2006 !!!”

  1. Cipher February 25, 2006 at 7:56 am #

    Abe your an EC guy ..
    So no point explaining random variables to you , rite ?

    package = F ( CGPA )

    where F is your f**** random process which is really random ie. !pseudo-random

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