First encounter with the world!!!

14 Mar

In hindu puranas(“Garunpranato be more precise) it is mentioned that a baby before being born remembers about his previous life, n talks to god on daily basis.

So, I just thought of narrating his first encounter with the world! Enjoy!!!

“Eeehh!! Whose there? Who’s bugging me at this time of day or night, whatever? It’s time for a short nap. Hey! Come on! Stop pushing me. I am not in a queue for cinema tickets. Stop it! Will you.”

God’s voice, “It’s time son!”

“Time! Time for what?”

God, “Time for you to go out and see the world.”

“aannn! But I don’t want to.”

God, “you have to go.”

“Hey God! Please, don’t do this to me. Hey! Listen, hello! Hello! ….. ohhww baby!”

“ok, ok, ok! Easy mister, careful! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t push so hard! My legs are delicate. You know!

Wow! What is that? Is it white light? Haven’t seen this color since nine months, correct me if I m wrong. It’s too bright. Hey! Does someone have goggles? I am not use this much brightness, you know! “Ray ban” will do? Hey is any one listening to me.

Yakkk! Man I stink! Stink like, like I m covered with ……. Shiiiiiiiitttttt! Oh my god! This is worse than that. Hey u! Ugly uncle! Come one, take me out quickly, and let me take a shower. This is what happens when u doesn’t bath for this long. Nine long months without foment.

Like it was yesterday, when I was driving my car “Too Fast Too Furious” and then Baaaam! And now, I m here, with my head being pulled by an ugliest guy in this universe, and few creepy creatures looking at me, like I m “Master Youda” form “stars wars”.

Wait man! Let me say good bye to my home sweet womb! Oh bye, bye sweetie! I’ll miss you always. U had taken a good care of me. Fed me, protected me, blah, blah ….

Oh! I can’t control my self. Oooaaaahh !! Oooaaahh!! Oooaaahh!! (this is the actual reason, why child cry as soon as they comes out ;)! )

Hey u! Don’t touch my food pipe. Hey u! You, with that knife in hand. I dare you, don’t come near me. This is only source of my energy. Please Stoooooopppppp……!!

Oww boy! What’s happening? I m loosing my memory! What is ssss…sssssssss …. Ga…gaa……….goo…..! Oooaaahh !! Oooaaahh!! Oooaaahhh!! ”

Doctor, “Congratulation! Madam! Or should I say mom?”


4 Responses to “First encounter with the world!!!”

  1. Anonymous March 15, 2006 at 11:38 pm #

    hey, gr8 goin @nks !!

  2. Anonymous March 15, 2006 at 11:38 pm #

    hey, gr8 goin @nks !!

  3. Piyush March 16, 2006 at 4:33 pm #

    Nice Imaginative work…keep it up…

  4. Piyush March 16, 2006 at 4:33 pm #

    Nice Imaginative work…keep it up…

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