This is called an awesome night.

11 Oct

Date :- 8/10/2006 time:- 11:00 PM
Well it all starts with a wake up call from chauhan. He commanded me to cancel my dinner (it was canceled though)

So, cutting long story short we went to pizza hut. I had great time n 10 pieces of pizza , thanks to our sponsors turbo , harry n saini.

Ya! I forgot to mention one thing, saw one of my frnd’s … there with some other guy. Ch ch ch poor man …. (not my frnd the other guy :p)

Some of our seniors were also there … I mean the first year alumni. Well they were enjoying with there old buddies so, we chose not to interrupt.

They are Office dudes now. But one thing I noticed that some of them have put on weight. I mean they were looking healthy as compared to how they were at IIIT.

What does this implies?

@nks theory says:- IIIT suck you blood more then the boss of you company.

He he he !!Hey, I got distracted from the main path.

So, what I was saying … ya !! well, we had dinner. Akash, reminded us about the dandiya n garba thing.

We thought, actually me n akash though that we’ll finish this fast and then will leave to IIIT.

But, reverse happned … 😦


We managed to reach IIIT at 10:30 PM. Guys n gals were dancing on some panjabi number.

And some thing worse happned , I was there standing under the basket holding my stomach n cursing my self for having 1 extra piece.

But even pain couldn’t prevent me from dancing when I saw dancing divas with dandiyas.

Last line went little too mendaciously.

Actually my ache was temporary, n vanished after some time.

So, me n akash entered the crowed, n started throwing our hand n lags in random direction.

But the best part came at the end, when I played dandiya.

This is the place where I should mention that ….

I m very thankful to Sugandh n his team for organizing dandiya and garaba night. It was awesome…

And thanks to pinky for teaching me some steps. 🙂

And in the final concentric-bi-circular dance, I got chance to dance with my dream …… :-“>.

Don’t ask me who is she…… !! keep guessing though :p !!

Is there anything left to mention … i don’t any one would have read it till here …

If you are reading this … then … thanx for your patience 🙂 !!


n me signing off with this super short note…..

tada :-h


2 Responses to “This is called an awesome night.”

  1. Anonymous October 12, 2006 at 3:52 pm #

    i know who that guy (the weighted one ) and the gal (of ur dreams ..)
    i’ll disclose the name in the next comment …till then happy guessin..[:)]

  2. @nks October 14, 2006 at 5:15 pm #

    cumon mr. anonymous ….
    speak up !!

    kyu logon ko suspence main rakhte ho !!

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