Thy shall read this post !!

12 Dec

Past few months I was kinda busy .. not academics obviously. Actually, I developed a new hobby (if u calls it so), Downloading. Yah !! this is the main reason I couldn’t write.

Some times I thought of writing. Even wrote half a page, but never completed ..

Anyways .. this time its gonna be different ..


“Thy shall not ignore blogging “…


Where did this come from …


Well it’s a long story … cutting the crap out … here’s the thing …



“Thy shall not buy books “. If u think it is one the ten commandments, then u r wrong :D.

This is the 11th one, founded on july-04. Actually I started believing since my close buddy, survived 5 semesters with out buying any book. Strange haan!! But most strange thing is, he phoded almost all the subjects.

But 3 day before he did some thing, I am ashamed to talk bout. He bought a book. You know!! Actually buying!! Paying for it in cash …

So this is to declare that he will be counted out of the community …

Now u’ll might think y m I telling this useless story to you ..

Actually thr’s a 13th commandment … and i.e. “Thy shall not speak rubbish in gibberish, can use Engish”

Ok!! please don’t curse me …

even I m not able to make out meaning of … what i have written !!

chaos …


One Response to “Thy shall read this post !!”

  1. Anonymous December 13, 2006 at 12:49 pm #

    interesting !

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