mega micro party !!

19 Dec

yah yah !!
i know it’s little late for a post bout microsoft party .. but I wasn’t at the institute past 2 days … anyways i got the chance to be there courtesy our seniors @ Microsoft …..The party started with boring fatte of some guy , Jimmi Moses i guess .

we weren’t listening to him anyways …. obviously checking out the crowd 😀 . Can’t u figure it out from Hobbit’s face !!

n yah !! also the food stalls !!
Hey !! don’t get bluffed by the number of dish table .. every table contains same set of dished 😉 !!

But the Party came to its full swing, when shaan came on the stage ……

n i was this close to him … !!
n thts not my hand .. m not tht mad bout celebrities … 😀 !!

For me !! the party started when the DJ came on the stage … he wasn’t awesome .. but okish ..
anyways … who cares what song DJ is playing when you are on dance floor .. rite ??

And here is Mr. Hobbit after a blooper …. I would love to but cant talk bout it here . But it made us and other to “lol” n hobbit to “col” he he he :p !!

All in all a party which you starts like this ….

And end like this …

adios !!

My present status :-

  • Got f****d really bad in CN quiz …
  • This BTP thing is killing me ….
  • so many projects …. to do this sem ….
  • The only thing i m enjoying @ campus is the dance worshop….
  • saw Dhoom-2 again ….
  • ok i said before, i wont follow this thing of PS sheepishly …. but wht the hell …. 😀 !!

One Response to “mega micro party !!”

  1. Anonymous December 20, 2006 at 6:22 pm #

    oye jhoot . pass senior se nahi kisi aur se mila tha tere ko ….
    sacchai nahi chipate :p

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