Reality show, are they actually real!!

25 Dec

Every TV channel is flooded with various Reality shows, the new raah of sucking money out of viewers. which is also the name of a reality show. I guess the saas bahu stuff is loosing it magnetic strength of attraction human beings towards the idiot Box. The theme of these shows is same, cashing the emotions weather its real or mere acting. If there are “normal human beings” then it’s good and if there are celebrities then, awesome. Recently I saw one series, some Big Boss or some thing. Bahhh !! same funda of saas bahu type. What reality, I bet they are acting. Same conspiracies, making teams n same old family drama stuff. I was surprised to see people desperately waiting for its telecast every day on the other hand they say they hate all those Saas Bahu melodrama. Ironically, these types of serials are at the top of charts and making hell lot of money.

Bahh!! I m bad at this essay type writing. Well! My mentor suggested me to start writing something in “Proper English”. Some thing, with minimum wit and humor. Anyways, this is my first try. I know normally people write pages, then just a mere paragraph. But … what the hell …

Yesterday, i noticed that I have been using “What the Hell” a lot in my blogs. Actually these three simple words are very versatile. U can use them where ever u doesn’t want to give a reason. 😀 !!


Present status :-

· Just added another post to the collection of my “random rambling” posts.

· Becoming addicted to Hyderabadi language … using bahhh and kehte , jaate… a lot .

· Just one mid sem this time … yhipee !!

· N yah Marry (Tumahri Sabki) X-mas and hpy nu yr in advnc!!


One Response to “Reality show, are they actually real!!”

  1. i December 26, 2006 at 4:27 am #

    read the book ‘Dead Famous’ by ben elton if you do get a chance. awesome take on the concept of ‘reality shows’.

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