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18 Jan

• Holidays over …
o in case u didn’t notice :p

• Read 1.5 Research papers (out of 8) given to me as holiday gift.
o My nerd score 97/100 😀

• Discovered signs of Aliens visit to Bathrooms of OBH.
o Haven’t read newspaper since 2 days.

Deep started downloading his Deep thoughts from his mind to a Diary.
o Crypto students got new assignment.

• Handa fall sick, coz of a sick bet.
o But, Panjab ki laaj rakh li …

• Keser made new records of watching “cheeni-jaapaani”.
o Soon will break CD’s (records are out of use now days).

• Gaining extra pounds day by day … help!!
o Dollar will do but no pounds.

• As per my New Year resolution I quit fattebaji.
o Those were the longest 30 seconds of my life.

Ok bye :p