not bout felicity but ….. kalak…… !!

1 Mar

Yah !! Yet another post on felicity. you guys must be bored… who care any ways 😀 !! I’ll continue ……

One important part of cultural events has been completely ignored by the blogger. I can’t blame them, they weren’t involved in it. So being a blogger and one of the organizers of Kalakshetra, it is my moral responsibility to let people know bout it.


Thanks to the finance committee and rathi,

07’s budget = 3 X (06’s budget)


This time we decided….

By we I ment (Akash , Abhay , Yashlakshmi , Geetika , Bajpai , Chauhan , Swati , Sheetal n your’s truly me 🙂 )

Yah !! so, we decided that, we are not going to have same old matkas and gamlas. Theme we decided was Hyderabad (hope we were successful in depicting).

After lots n lots of brain storming sessions, we came up with and idea to get a charminar, the darbar look, pehredars, kites, organizers dressed up in typical hyderabadi istyle… etc etc

Well some of the ideas were dropped, and rest some of you must have seen at the Kalakshetra ground.


Kalakshetra had all in all 7 events…

  1. bold strokes (sketching)
  2. Ad-campaign (poster making)
  3. Rangbhoomi (rangoli)
  4. Ctrl-X Ctrl-V (collage)
  5. Graffiti (its in the name)
  6. Reflectionz (face painting)
  7. you think it, I ink it (tattoo making)


Graffiti was one of the most hyped events of felicity, and I guess it was the costliest event in its prize range.

Getting the spray cans was a Herculean task. After searching in Hyderabad, we even tried in other cities including delhi, Mumbai , banglore. There was a time that we were even thinking of canceling the event. But thanks to akash n abay they some how managed to get the spray cans, they also met an accident, any ways, all the stuff for Kalakshetra were bought by them.


Getting charminar build wasn’t a cup of cake. With Mr. Vasudaven help, we came in contact with a guy (Mr. prasaad ) from HCU. Who was going to build the charminar for us, initially geetika was handling that. But after she left for her home, I took the charge… Man !! getting work done from those guys…

Any ways some how charminar got completed little late …: D but work was done.


Then event started according to IST (Indian standard time (1hr late)).. But we got awesome response. We had 40 working benches and almost all were occupied. In some events like collage making and graffiti we even had to stop the registration because of limited resources.


Now time to mention some name who helped us to make the event success…


Special Thanks:-

-to the ug1 guys (Anushray and friends) for there assistance to felicitate the felicity … I mean the Kalakshetra work.

-to the gals for making awesome hand made posters and assistance in the events.

-to the guys who bought the tables and chairs from main building to the ground.





No Thanks:-

-to Mr. Garg for not being at his event because of his dance practice.

-to Mr. prasaad keep on bugging me for his demand and not finishing the job in time.

-to some faculty members who made few organizers to back out.

-to some guys who messed up at the graffiti venue.

Etc …



PS… One of the longest posts of mine.

PS… Writing after so many days, have been busy with stuff … you know.

PS… After a lot of hardship my dream to perform on felicity stage came true.

PS… One suggestion for others, never organize a group dance event, just be a part of it.

PS… Wanted to write more, but got to finish 3 assignments and 2 projects :(.

PS… If I missed out any name then … bhool chook leni deni.



2 Responses to “not bout felicity but ….. kalak…… !!”

  1. Karan March 1, 2007 at 2:08 pm #

    Nice that u wrote abt it.. Kalakshetra has now become like a brand in Hyd.. and u were dead right abt the participation levels 🙂

  2. Varun March 21, 2007 at 2:31 pm #

    never did acknowledge the work u did during felicity. brilliant man..way2go!! was a pleasure to work with u.
    i rmr one day when i was tot fucked up, tired, stressed and what not and in the main building. i saw u and ur dance troupe dancing. just seeing u guys enjoy urselves and prepare something for felicity was relaxing. thanks..

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