He is no more !!

23 Apr

Today was no different then other days, I woke up at or around 10 (11.30 to be precise). Brush my teeth ,did … stuff and sat in front of my PC to do usual BC.

Then it happened,

I click the power button, but… no response, he was life less. I click again and again and again but no sign of life.

Holy shit! What m I gonna do? What m I gonna …

But, there was nothing left.

Suddenly, my room started looking like a graveyard to me. Every thing was looking dull, down, lifeless and I donno … some adjective …!!

I was thinking of cleaning my room but couldn’t, had to arrange my wardrobe but didn’t.
Had to finish project also, but all files were on the Hard Disk.

It’s funny how lifeless things dissemble your life. Man is under the false impression that he’s ruling the word with gadgets. Actually these gadgets are ruling him.

All of us are addict to some thing, viz. sutta, daaro, cricket, football … just name one.

But one addiction is common among all of us, (all IIITians at least) n i.e. computer(internet).

Now what…
Well!! Till my PC gets well, I’ll hang out with the lab PC.

PS :-

1. Not going to write the full batch trip report again.

2. Have been super vella last two days.

3. F**king cold is not leaving me. Why my body is celebrating Christmas at the peak of summer.

4. What else … nah !! nothing …

2 Responses to “He is no more !!”

  1. Himank April 24, 2007 at 5:08 am #

    Hey u wer supposed to be migrating to wordpress after ur 50th post… What happend to that???

  2. @nks April 24, 2007 at 8:38 am #

    yah !! actually some recent upgrades of blogger.com are not letting me leave it …!!

    will stick to it for couple of posts.

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