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there is no title !!

25 Apr

sitting in CVEST .. doing nothing .. have to finish mamu’s project …


nothing good to do,
so i’ll do what i can do
But what i can do
is what people don’t want me to do

Since i have nothing else to do
so, i’ll do what i wanna do
and you can stop me to do
what i am going to do

ohh poor you …

shitty poem no. whatever …

I live in OBH
UG-2k4 is my batch
My institute is IIIT
Oh no no no it’s IIIT-H

shitty poem no. whatever + 1 …

Yesterday I had a match
Had a great game
But missed a crucial catch
The result,
my body need to starch
n my trousers need a patch.

blah blah !!

pc …. still not working ..
lab … nice AC ..
life .. still sucking ..
girls . enough of this topic ..
home .. missing a lot ..
DND … missing that status msg ..
bc …. its only left in life ..

when we were kids …

well now we are not ..
so, just leave it..

mmm… la la la … na na na
ta da ra da da ra pa ma ta ra ..
ti di di di idili ti li hi ri
nooo na nooo na noo … na ra ne na … !!

mmm…. what ..
was just singing in my head .. !!

ok ok ok…
don,t close you browser …
m leaving any ways…

hunnh… !! earthlings … !!