A Frustoo kahani

11 Jun

Yesterday I received a mail from Mr. Anonymous saying :-

Lord baba,

Ek kahaani likhi thi maine 2nd year mein. Thodi ghisi-piti hai par acchi
lage to “anonymous author” karke post karde apne blog par. Mere naam mat
daliyo. Aur haan, batana zaroor kaisi lagi 😀

After enduring my stories, i think you guys can abide one more … !!


8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, the telephone rings

She : Yeah?
He : Hi!
She : Oh, hi! Where did you get my phone number from?
He : From P.
She : Oh okay. Ssup with you? Still in Delhi?
He : No, I’m in Bangalore. Just wanted to say hi!!
She : Yeah right! You made an international call to say hi?
He : Um, yeah kinda.
She : Okay, hi then!

A brief pause of 5 seconds

She : Are you going to say something?
He : Um, I don’t know. Didn’t have anything better to do, and it has been ages
since I heard your voice.
She : Yeah, its been 2 years.
He : So, how are you doing?
She : I’m good. New colleagues are cool. You know, I met this Indian guy at
the bar last night. He’s handsome, intelligent and has a great sense of
He : Oh really? Good for you!
She : I’m gonna ask my friend to set him me up for a date tomorrow.
He : Cool. Hey, listen. I gotta go. Its dinner time here and I gotta run some
She : Allright. And you stay in touch. Keep e-mailing me. May be we can set up
a video conference sometime.
He : Yeah sure, that would be great.
She : Ciao.

2:00 AM, Indian Standard Time

He : Hey, its me again.
She : Um, yeah. Listen, can you call me later. I have a meeting in 10 mins.
He : I won’t take more than 10 mins.
She : Allright. Shoot!
He : How long have I known you?
She : 6 years
He : And for 6 long years I couldn’t gather enough balls to say this. I know
that you wouldn’t want to come back after all that happened here. I
know that I might not see your face ever again, I might not look into
those dark, dreamy eyes ever. Yet, I ask you for this chance. Give us a
chance, A!
She : I don’t know what to say.
He : I committed this one mistake and I don’t want to pay for it forever. I
should have told you this earlier. You might have changed your mind.
She : Yes, I might have. But now I have a life. I was insecure, S! I was
insecure with you. I wanted you to sort out your life before we came
together. I didn’t want to burden you. I didn’t want to come between
you and your career.
He : Career? I was about to graduate. I got an offer in NYC. Everything was
perfect. What are you talking about?
She : What happened to all the MS applications then?
He : I changed my mind. I got a job. Then, I didn’t get any funding either.
She : Why didn’t you go to NYC?
He : I wanted to be with you.
She : You left a job in NYC for me? And I hadn’t a clue! God, you’re such a
He : Call me whatever you want! I don’t care.
She : Of course, you don’t care! You don’t care about anybody. You know what?
I thought you wanted to go for grad studies here. I was willing to
wait. But you never showed up! You didn’t even send me an e-mail. All
this while, I thought you would come back in a couple of years. You
were off the circuit for such a long time. Nobody knew where you were!
He : I was in Bangalore. Didn’t have any friends from college here.
She : And now you call me, when I’ve left Delhi for good, never to return.
Do you know why I took up a job here? I came here to look for you.

(breaks down)

Nobody had a clue where you were. I got the address of a startup in NYC
from K. He said you might have joined them. I couldn’t find their phone
number. K also told me of an opening at a nearby place and I flew down here.
I went looking for you everywhere – Buffalo, Rochester, Manhattan.
I even went to New Jersey. I went where ever they have field offices!!

He : Come back!
She : Its too late now. I don’t want to get hurt again. I had forgotten you.
He : (silence)
She : Moreover, I like my job. I have made good friends here. I have nothing
in India.

Line disconnects.

He : You still have me!

And so ends the tale of a spineless lover who lost his love forever.



PS:- Hmmm!! Not bad !! Mr. Anonymous, you could be writer …

PS:– Had lunch at google today… courtesy Saurabh.

PS:— song of the week :- mausam – the train

PS:—- you can stop reading now !!



4 Responses to “A Frustoo kahani”

  1. Himank Sharma June 11, 2007 at 9:34 pm #

    I am also listening to Mausam right now… And ya the story is not bad…. Who is this person?? Can we know him/her…

  2. Anikey June 12, 2007 at 5:42 am #

    The title is correct is correct. Actually a frust story, also with a huge hole in the plot. But the narration’s good.

    Tell that guy to come on up na!

  3. auther of the above story June 12, 2007 at 6:06 am #

    What’s the hole in the plot ? A few modifications here and there, and that is pretty much my story.

    The names are unchanged though. Here’s a clue for you Anikey!

  4. abbulugadu June 13, 2007 at 3:56 am #

    hahahahahah ..”u stil have me ” katte :p ..all is not lost he could have called back again …

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