the pool, the water and the me !!

12 Jun

    Today will remain in my memories … always. Not because started working on a paper. Not because I bought an OSHO from library. Not because I went to swimming pool, first time riding my bicycle. But, because I lived to write this post then sinking into the water.


    Actually what happened is, I and avdesh went to swimming, (keser didn’t go … wasn’t feeling well!!). Avdesh swim at the deeper side of the pool. I being a rookie stay at 4-5 feet deep water. Today he asked me to come to his side. Well! I thought I should go into the deep water, some day I will swim there, why not today.


    And so I committed one of the million mistakes I have done in my life. I reached his side without any problem.


(hey wait wait wait, for all those who has never been to Gachibowli swimming pool, there are three pools , one for divers guess 15 feet deep, one 10 feet deep, and another for people like us depth form 3 feet to 10 feet)


    So, where was I? Yah! I reached his side i.e. 10 feet from 5 feet. I turned and start flapping my hands, but made one mistake didn’t push the wall behind. And so I lost my breath in between. Tried pull my head up and take air, but misfortune, and water flooded into my mouth. It was the one moment I was deep into water and couldn’t feel the floor. Then instead of going toward the equal depth side I switched the other way and start pushing my body towards the shallow side. This time, I was actually touching the floor.

One more thrush, and I was up and could take a breath. I started flapping my hands and finally reached the safer side where I was able to keep my head out of the water.


    Everything thing happened so abruptly that some people didn’t even noticed, and some were just standing their still watching me, with those weird eyed, (which were still locked on me till I was in the pool).


    Today was my 17th day at the pool. Will try swimming in the deep on 20th day, again. May god bless me! 😀



PS:- Started cycling again, from institute to gachibowli stadium. To and fro you know.

PS:– Read a graphic novel “corridor”, by some Indian writer don’t remember the name. I was ok, but not entertaining.

PS:— As I mentioned before stated reading OSHO, out of curiosity.

PS:—- Keser is back to his addiction of Japanese anime. May god bless him to.

PS:—– Akash looking for 4th …… u know what. May god bless him three.

PS:—— end of post.

PS:——- Not yet.

PS:——– If you haven’t listen to song called chakk de phattay – khosla ka ghosla

PS:——— Now over.

PS:———- Wait wait!! One thing I missed to mention that there was a trainer waiting near the pool to dive in and save me, if I fail to save myself.

PS:———– Now bbye.


2 Responses to “the pool, the water and the me !!”

  1. gosh June 6, 2008 at 8:08 am #

    gosh you still alive ??

  2. Network Switch January 25, 2011 at 6:28 am #

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