n(m)+k(f)=metro family

26 Jun


Weird  title isn’t it… well read on … u’ll understand why !!


I visited a friend few days ago, some one from school. It has been 6 months since he landed in Hyderabad. Any ways that isn’t the matter of concern. The strange thing I noticed was that he was living with one other guy any three girls. This isn’t the only case I saw guys n gals living together.


Well!! After having some quality time, I headed back to the college. During the whole luxurious auto journey, I was thinking about it. Don’t be shocked, sometimes I think!

Anyways I was thinking of the possible reasons why gals prefer to live with guys in spite of their untidiness and indolence. Similarly, guys are preferring gals despite of their fastidious and authoritative behavior. Did I go to far … nah!!


So, I thought of possible reasons, for gals …


1. Safety: This was the first point struck my mind. Obviously, having guys in the house makes it safer, unless one of them one them turn into a blood sucking vampire.


2. Money: I think gals can save their money for household stuff and some of theirs. Ok ok, please don’t … It was just a thought!!


3. Moral support: Don’t think I have to explain this one.


4. Advises: Well! I m sure bout this one, coz one my friend told me this. Advise on all the guy stuff psychology n all.


5. Don’t really have a fifth point … just made it up … coz 5 looks cool!!


Hmm, now coming to guys…


1. Advises: Obviously the first point had head on collision with my head. So, what I had … I mean what I was saying that one need Vibhishana to conquer Ravana. Didn’t mean it literally Ravana was just a metaphor.


2. Moral Support: Yah! The same moral support, the thing which guys seek from mother or sister or … Actually emotions don’t flow very well through the phone lines, u need to have direct connection.


3. Housekeeping: It’s a well known fact that gals have a thing for cleanliness and maintaining house tip-top. Which guys can exploit.


4. Access: You got dumped! Don’t worry, now you can hit on any of your flatmates friend. How cool is that!


5. Didn’t I mention it before … 5 looks cool!!






PS :- Its 5:50 AM, finished my 3rd night out of this week.


PS:– A lot of stuff happened in last few days, like I changed my jeans, Akash got busted and Keser! Well, he finished another season of some crappy Japanese anime and saini is back to the institute.


PS:— Finished century of comments on one post. You know which one.


PS:—- Confused bout taking OS next sem, any suggestions?


PS:—– You know it … five looks koooool !!


3 Responses to “n(m)+k(f)=metro family”

  1. ORB June 26, 2007 at 1:53 pm #

    There is a straight scientific explanation for all this:

    Men look for women with perfect figure which can carry and nourish the baby inside her womb

    Women look for a beast which can protect her, get her food, and also should be trustworthy not to leave her during the 9 months vulnerability she carries

  2. sumanth June 26, 2007 at 5:49 pm #

    rofl @ shiben!

  3. Sreejith July 16, 2007 at 12:29 pm #

    Thats a good trend. Atleast some girls are showing signs of growing up! 😛

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