Batch trip day-1

17 Jul

Well, this post was pending since 3 months, PC got all F****D up, BTP work, Home trip and other blah blah stuff…

Anyways, Late is better then never ….


1. Don’t expect detail descriptions of places and people.

2. To see the full image (1024X786) right click on the image and select view image.

3. Well! that’s it.

so, UG-2K4 batch trip… guess were were above 90 in, two local (junta) buses filled with IIITian left the campus.


Boarded train to B’lore from Kacheguda Railway-Station.

The default game Antakshiri did help in passing the time.


Reached Bangalore at, i donno may be 7 or 8 AM, left for the hotel to stretch our legs and yah! to bath and do other morning stuff :D.

I did stretch my legs though.

Dressed up, packed bags and took this pic, and all set to leave for mysore.

There were three buses, two were full of guys, and our with all the gals and rest of the guys ;).

Played Mixed Antakshari i.e. all languages allowed. It was fun !!

So, first stop Dariy Daulat Bag.

Nice place! we were told that it was Tipu’s summer Darbar.

Was never interested in history, and wasn’t that time either. But did some usual photogiri.

Keser was very curious though … wanted to know every thing inside out.

Lunch time now, … lunch at nice restaurant-Mysore

Next destination, Mysore palace

Did a lill …. mmm.. lill more BC there.

took some proper pics ..

and some not so …..

Keser continued his exploration, every thing inside out .. 😀

Ganand looks happy … haa !! whole batch knows the reason .. 😛

And … me !! well!! “oont aa hi gaya pahar ke neeche” …

Some shopping … (This is a legendary HAT) soon u’ll discover why?

some church .. i donno the name .. (Actually i caught fever, so stayed in bus)

And finally …. rest at last ….( but the shittiest hotel i have ever been to )

Story of next day … in the next post … till then …. continue …. 🙂

PS:- Can’t believe I am in final year.

PS:– Jimmy thinks we have become uncles … 😛

PS:— My wing has become a BC center these days… 24/7 u’ll find ppl doing nothin but BC.

PS:—- Song of the week – mahiya – Awarapan

PS:—– Why do i always have to write all crappy stuff in PS.

PS:—— well !! It increases the length of the post.

PS:——- owwkay !! whateva …

PS:——– adios amigos earthlings !!


6 Responses to “Batch trip day-1”

  1. Abheet July 18, 2007 at 9:15 am #

    couldn’t attend the trip….
    nd now after reading your post….i miss being a part of it…

    nice post….less of ur “buck-buck” nd more of self-xplanatory pics…

  2. meh July 18, 2007 at 2:56 pm #

    Abe why isn’t there a single pic of Naman Tyagi in this collection ? 😀 I thought he was the first one to strike a pose whenever there was a camera

  3. Ankit July 18, 2007 at 3:10 pm #

    thanku .. n yah.. i was fun … thts y i went with the batch on trip though i was already been to those places…

    observe the sixth pic from the top intimately.

  4. Meghna July 21, 2007 at 4:34 pm #

    Hey Nice post 🙂
    Batch trip was an unforgettable experience
    Waiting for day-2 and day-3 🙂


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    […] here you’ll see the how the hat i mentioned bout, in first post became […]

  2. site - December 8, 2007



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