Batch Trip Day-2

31 Jul

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Rise and shine people.

Its 5:30 in the morning, Keser is in bathroom and Piyush still refusing to leave the poor pillow alone :D.

Bus is ready to leave. Gosh !! have to complete my dream in the bus.

Now, we are at a temple on our way to Ooty!!

Why all the temples here have same, exactly same front gate ?

so, the gigantic Temple,

gigantic Animals

And gigantic Ratha !!

So, there is a wild life sanctuary … ohh did i say “a” no no actually there are two wild-life sanctuary on the Mysore-ooty Highway. Bandipur National Park and its continuation Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary .

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of Elephant with its calf.

And we also fed biscuits to Deers 🙂

But no one knew that there is a catastrophe waiting for us at Barrier. Two other buses didn’t have permit to cross the border. And so we spend almost five hours there till the other buses came.

Yah !! we were a bit disappointed, but our motive was to have fun .. n that we had. Also did some thing which most of us had never done before.

Yah!! climbed the bus, and surprisingly even gals joined in.

Finally, Buses arrived and guys of other two buses left. They took the shortcut and reached Ooty in time.

But, Destiny has some thing else in mind for us.

We passed by some enchanting landscapes.

But as i mentioned before, we couldn’t reach reach Ooty, there was some kind of wrangle going on b/w Police and the local merchants. Hmm.. few more hours !!

Well!! I .. i.e. me .. suggested to play dumb charade. Initially there were only few of us, every one joined us later on.

Ultimately we reached our hotel. At around 7:30 or something.

After getting the rooms, we(means me, keser, piyush, meghna, swati n swati ) thought of exploring the place lill bit.

here we got a call from bhaggo calling us for bonfire.

“akele chale, log judte rahe aur karvan banta gaya ”

Bonfire was fun. but it didn’t last long (some reason) .

Hmm.. so here the Day-2 ended. Of course we went to sleep after that 🙂 !!

PS :- Hope i’ll finish the third and final post early.

PS:– Saw HP-5, was better than HP-4.

PS:— Won the lazer combat and a go-kart race at Runway-9. Thank-u IIIT, for CZ and NFS 😀 !!

PS:—- Biggest shock of today :- Sanjay Dutt sentenced to six years in prison. What will happen to “Munna Chale America”. I was really looking forward to it.

PS:—– Song of the week – Ek din teri raahon – Nabaab …. sry sry sry Naqaab.

PS:—— Missed this convocation also.

PS:——- Have to take Quiz this week on Hindu Mythology. Lets c, how much we know bout us.

PS:——– Chalo bhai, khel khatam ghar jaoo .. yhe to roz ka rona hai 😀 !! (Ok guys! game’s over, go home, its the same story everyday)


3 Responses to “Batch Trip Day-2”

  1. Maruti Borker July 31, 2007 at 6:53 pm #

    Sweet !!

    lol @ last PS

  2. Abheet July 31, 2007 at 7:53 pm #

    Bonfire was fun. but it didn’t last long (some reason)

    reason dasso..!

  3. Ankit August 1, 2007 at 6:45 am #

    @ abheet
    kabhi milo to batata hoo !!

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