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10 Feb

Felicity-08, three days of utter fun.


1st day

– Woke up at 9:30, left for the main building at 12.

– Attended the blogging workshop by Rashmi Bansal.

– Accidentally took part in Radio ka Badshaah organized by Radio mirchi.

– Got selected for second round.

– Missed lunch.

– Cleared the second round an became one of the eight students to be on AIR.

– Enjoyed “Indian Ocean”.

– Tapped legs in War of DJs.

– Skipped Dinner and went to bed.


2nd day

– Saw Saturdays sun at 9:40 AM, reached main building at 11.

– Participated in Antakshari prelims.

– Attended the first round of MnM.

– Went to room, had Maggie and left after that.

– Wanted to take part in Graffiti but some how took part in E-Q instead.

– To my surprise won 2nd prize (all on Khurana and Bharat my teammates).

– Skipped rock night.

– Did some practice.

– Slept at 3.


3rd day

– Got selected for second round of MnM,

– Saw others perform,

– Did some acting on stage,

– Was happy with the performance,

– Met few participants who were uncertain bout their but sure bout my selection :D,

– Came to room no. 305 to see the results,

– Judges were deciding the final ten,

– Saw a lill ‘X’ besides my name in the marks list, a tick besides the name of candidates under consideration and no sign for the rejected one,

– Confirmed my rejection from the organizers,

– told the surprised other participants and friends,

– Reconfirmed the results,

– Went to sleep,

– Got up at 4:30 attended all the events,

– Did a lot of hooting, shouting and teasing.

– Came to room before the DJ night started,

– Worked on Religion and Society presentation, due this Monday.

– Wrote this post




PS: – Kudos to UG3 for Superb management, new events like ‘War of DJs’, calling ‘Indian Ocean’ and handling “Rock show Massacre”.

PS: — Awesome inauguration dance and the Final day “OSO” performance.

PS: — Dancing events was just marvelous this time, outstanding performers.

PS: —- MnM lost it’s charm.

PS: —– Skit round was the most disappointing one.

PS: —— Talks were a ‘thou shall not miss this’ this time with eminent personalities like Sitaram yechuri and Karuna Gopal.

PS: ——- Good to see the presence 2k3 batch, they were the soul of Hooting.

PS: ——- Well’s that’s the felicity-08 for you from my eyes.

PS: ——– As I said before, my last felicity as a student, so getting a little senti, wish I’d be able to attend Felicity-09.

PS: ——— Feeling sleepy now, so gotta go, Adios.