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29 Mar

Its been long since I have posted any thing here, too busy
or too lazy or too senti or just whateva :D.


Anyway, want to thank Karan for the tag,


Finally I got time to do it, so here it goes …


My greatest fear …


Actually it’s pretty baffling question to answer. I wasn’t
able to arrive at one acme of all. So, thought of writing top three fears, in
no particular order.


  1. Fear
    of messing things up
    : – I have always had this fear, every time I’ve
    been given a responsibility. That’s why usually avoid taking a decision.



  1. Fear
    of growing up
    : – Seriously don’t want to grow up. Unfortunately it’s
    some thing unavoidable. I know soon I’ll be like every grown up.


Day– office problems Night– Home problems


And then won’t be able to escape by
telling myself, “bade log samhal lenge



  1. Fear
    of getting rejected
    : – Little personal to share.



  1. Fear
    of being alone
    : – As every one … doesn’t want to loose people I care
    for. I always wish I die first …




Well, this is all I can think of … there might be few more …
but mind is too preoccupied.


I tag …


Sica, Sultan of samarkand, Badri, Daka, Jags, Raguram, Ranjai, Chauhan, Bajpai


Really want to know what you guys fear from ….


PS: – Wrote last exam of my B-tech yesterday.

PS: — 15ys of schooling 4yrs of B-tech, all clean record …
is clean no more.

PS: — If u haven’t seen it till now then do check this viral video, superbly hilarious.

PS: —- obviously the Song of the day :- o-zone – Dragostea din tei .

PS: —– You can download the song from here.

PS: —— And do check ORB’s Video collection … its awesome.

PS: ——- Signing off … talli hoo …