The Legendary Weekend

18 Apr

So, I was going through news paper yesterday … came across this …

And the memories of last weekend came flashing by ….



My weekend started with friday the 9th, with me taking a day off from work …. The Whole day spent lazying around at home … and evening going on a ride to Secundrabad and back… Best day ever ….

Saturday Started no different, woke up at 12:00 PM … got the house cleaned … spent 3.5 hours washing clothes … These are the times I wish I was a nudist

Realized, the meetup of GHAC is in 1 hour, and I’ve not even had shower …

Quick …. woosh …. and I was there on time ….

Honestly … the meet was super bore …. may coz i wasn’t part of most of those trek … but yeh one kid wrote really really good poem ….

Anyway … to my rescue, one of my friend called me… and asked if we can hit the club that night … I was a bit reluctant and tired in the beginning (What the hell for …. donno !! )  Couldn’t refuse …. though …

So, ended up in B&C, total waste of 2 hours … the imported DJ’s were no good, waiting till 11:15 PM … Had some thing and finally left for 10D.

Which was far better … for it’s being the Bollywood night ….

Half an hour …. and the police showed up … it wasn’t even 12 … lights on … no music … go home … 😦

But of course my friends decided to check out some other place … and we ended up at Touch. Police was vacating the place …. and hippest crowd of the city was leaving …

But great sandhoo ji … has some contacts …. and we managed to get in the private party of some actor called navdeep (through the kitchen :D).

And so… we danced till 3:30 AM …. first in a Hyderabad Club. I donno many telugu movie stars … but i did recognize Allu Arjun there. And to my surprise, i was much taller than him … 😀

Hungry at 3:30 AM …. headed directly to Ameerpet Dosa joint … Idli with chutney never tasted this good

Reached home, at 4:30 AM … there was a trek at 5:30 AM … Thought of staying awake and making it to the trek … but one tiny nap lasted for 7 hours …

Still managed to reach Univercell Hyderabad Meet in time …. It was great fun … Met himank, abhishek and vatasal there too. Of course i m not going to pakoofy you with more details of the meet … you can check this for that.

Snacks were good BTW …

PS: there were certain more awesome things bout the weekend, but ….

3 Responses to “The Legendary Weekend”

  1. LaafatLife April 18, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    But…?? CMON! You can’t leave us hanging in there like that!

    Glad you had fun! Looking good in a newspaper paper!! 🙂

  2. @nks April 21, 2010 at 6:12 am #

    🙂 … yeh the end was abrupt …

    but i reckoned that most ppl don’t really read whole of such long posts … so … why pakaoofy who does …

  3. Smirnoff Annual Party Invite for Bloggers June 8, 2010 at 5:29 am #


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