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Strange Incident

28 Feb

Well, I was at the subway yesterday, enjoying “sub of the day”. And there were two school couples sitting at the table next to mine, chit chatting. There were 4 trays lying on their table, with all the leftover on it. After they were finished they got up and left.


After few seconds, entered a bit bulky white woman (i.e a non-indian). For all those who have not been to the Hi-tech City subway, it’s quit small place with only three tables there to sit at.


Anyways, to my surprise this white woman took all the four trays left by brown people, emptied them in the garbage collector and kept them on the tray panel. Then she occupied the place.



And I was left thinking … are we really modernizing?




(And also how good it would be, if our college will have a Subway: D)



PS: – 99th Post …

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PS: —- song of the day: – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

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बहारें फिर आयेंगी !!

14 Feb

Well, this poem i wrote to cheer up a friend of mine … its not from the legendary “Dhool saani diary” but will soon compile few from that also.. !!

So, this poem is dedicated to all those guys, who are …. well better leave it unsaid.

फूल फिर खिलेंगे दोस्त,
घटायें फिर छायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

जानता हूँ मैं मेरी ये बातें
तुझे लगती बेमानी हैं |
एक तालाब सूख गया तो क्या
देख बहती नदियों मैं कितना पानी है |

ये कालिमा बस इक रात कि है
सुबह होते ही ये भाग जायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

समझता हूँ मैं तेरा दर्द
मुझे भी है एहसास |
पर कभी कभी कीचड़ को
कमल नहीं आता रास |

जितना तू सूचेगा
यादें उतना सतायेंगी
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
यार !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

मानता हूँ मैं कि भूलना
नहीं होता आसान |
पर एक शमा बुझ जाने पर
नहीं जलाते अपनी जान |

देख जब तक तू मुस्कुराता नहीं
मेरी कवितायेँ तेरा सर खायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बोल रहा हूँ न !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

(if u can’t reas devnagri (hindi script))
phool phir khilenge dost
ghatayen phir chayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

jaanta hoon main
yeh baaten
lagti bemani hain
yeh talab sookh gaya
to kya hua ….
dekh behti nadiyon main
kitna paani hai

yeh kaalima bas ik raat ki
subah hote hi yeh bhaag jaayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

samajhta hoon main
tera darad
mujhe bhi hai ehsaas
par kabhi kabhi keechar
ko bhi
Kamal nahi aata raas

jitna jyada tu sochega
yaaden utna jyada satayengi
phatjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

maanta hoon main
ki bhooljaana
kaam nahi hai aasaan

shama bujh jaane per

jalate nahi apni jaan

dekh jab tak tu muskurata nahi
meri kavitayen tera ser khaayengi
phatjgar bas khatam hone ko hai
yaar !! bharen phir aayengi !!
PS: – No ps dis time .. !!

Relationships – 2!!

13 Feb



LLobe – What do you know about relationships


RLobe – It’s relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption.


LLobe – I don’t think so, relationships are most complicated of then that.


RLobe – Well, I think it is binary. Either I know a person or I don’t.


LLobe – OK, you know who fills water for you in mess.


RLobe – Yeh! I do. He is really kool guy, serves me water before any one else.


LLobe – So, you know him. Well what’s his name?


RLobe – How should I know?


LLobe – So, you don’t know him?


RLobe – I know him by face, but what’s with all the details?


LLobe – That’s precisely is my point, that there is degree and extent to which you know some one.


The Dhobi, whom you had stop giving your clothes since 3 years, still welcomes you with a warm smile whenever you pass him while going to mess.


The annoying security guard instead of asking for ID-card, congratulate you for getting a job and asks for a treat.


The OBH evening tea-samosa guy helps you with your stuff in a stuffed local bus.


The person who fills your glass in mess, tires hard to steal some conversation with you.


The canteen owner, with whom you had a big argument about the quantity of rice in fried rice, gives you a life to railway station early morning.


There are so many people around us whom we don’t know properly, half of their faces we can’t recognize in crowd, but some how we are connected to them. If this is not relationship then what is it?





PS: – Damn, I am missing my puns. Why suddenly all philosophical ?


PS: — Felicity 08 was real fun, a big hand for all the organizers again specially, Karan, Harsha, Himank, Subroto, Kiran, prashasti, Saurab, Chand,  guess have to write full attendance list of 3rd yr, and 2nd and 1st yr.


PS: — Went for the concert by Goethe Zentrum. Free tea and snacks at ITC Kakatiya. What else does one want?


PS: —- All night DJ at HCU … man parties never end …


PS: —– Going to Barcamp-5 at Google’s new office, register here if u hasn’t.


PS: —— Happy saint valentine’s Day to all the female readers of this blog :D.


PS: ——- Confuse about what to buy for your valentine need unique ideas, this may help.

PS: ——– Guess which dead blogger is Mr Y here. Its time for reincarnation Mr Y.

PS: ——— shabba khair … !!



30 Jan

It has been 22 years since I landed on this planet, they call Earth. Although everything god created here works according to some fixed principle. Every cell in the body has a fixed way of responding to the stimuli.


But still I can’t understand why mind behaves so haphazardly. It makes mere things complex. Human beings, well known to rule the world can’t rule their own mind. Have you ever tired not to think bout certain thing, and discovered after all your efforts you end up thinking bout the same.


You are so strong; never shed a tear when broke you leg, never cried when teacher gave you punishment, never wept when dad slapped you. But fails to hold salty water droplet from escaping you eye and fall on you cheek, when some one break you expectations.


When I was a kid I use to think grown ups are such a fool. Why do they make such a big deal bout the relationships?

You are getting you food, time to play and good nap.

World is good.


Now, after all this years I have realized one secrete of success.


And it’s “No expectations


When you don’t expect anything, then a little something looks like everything. Otherwise it’s just the regular.




PS: – Been to vizag, such a beautiful place, dying to visit again.

PS: — Can’t write post on the trip, its going to be Sultan of Samarkand’s debut post.

PS: — 2nd post of this month, have become so lazy.

PS: —- Have to start working on Religion n society Assignment 😦 .

PS: —– Felicity posters are pretty catchy, good work buy the felicity team.

PS: —— Song of the week – dil deta hai ro ro duhai – Phir teri kahani yaad aayi


Caricatured peeJay!!

20 Dec

It’s funny, we work hard so we can catch some Zzz…

and when we are free, laying straight on bed …

there is no sign of sleep not even a nap…

All random thoughts in mind keeps popping up…

and you cover you head with a pillow …

hoping to prevent the overflow.

well I’ll leave the philosophy here and come to the point … And the point is that i had executed one of such random thought ..

Work done with MS paint … strip_1a

PS: – Second caricature i have made so far.

PS: — Microsoft Party, … good food, nice crowd, dance all night … now pain in neck.

PS: — Sonu Nigam … good singer, not a good person though.

PS: —- Transmission line and Antenna … why compulsory course … why exam … :((.

PS: —– nothin … much !!

India Shining

16 Nov


“Chi chooo chii …. Chi choo chii” the sound of jute cot was more than audible, it was unbearably loud. Even the barking street dogs were loosing their charm.

“Amma Amma”, chandu found himself finally uttering some thing.


“Eh!! I told you to throw that runt outside. Why do whores have family any ways”, chandu heard ugly bevda dada grunting to his mother.


“Why can’t he just pretend to be sleeping as he always does? But no he has to disturb him, the big bulky bevda dada only”, were the last thoughts in his mind when he found bevda standing in front of him.


“Oh… Actually …”, chandu had barely started his sentence.







After few moments, chandu came back to his sense to find himself out in the cold. He looked back to door with hope that the he’ll be soon back in his warm shawl. For the time being he covered himself with the paper lying on the footpath with the headline “India Shining”.





PS: – Wanted to blog this since one week.

PS: — But couldn’t, remember i went home.

PS: — But now m back.

PS: —- Couldn’t get Globalization… who cares …

PS: —– Delhi’s a lovely place … quoting 2nd time

PS: —— Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, how can they make such a big fuss bout such crappy movies.

PS: ——- I hate hyderabadi autowalas.

PS: ——– A PS saying Talli hoo!!

Letter to god

6 Nov

Hey how are you … GOD …!!


Sorry dude, behaving atheistically these days.

Not my fault it’s that brain you gave me, should be blamed.

You do know the guys who live there right?

The Mr. LL and Mr. RL.

They been bothering me since, it’s been so long I can’t even recall.

Like the other day they where blabbering bout the nationality and religion thing, that nationality is far significant than religion or the other way round n blah blah blah…

I mean cut it out dude; I don’t even give a fuck bout nationality and religion both. Both have been made by us humans right, and they say human’s are not perfect, only gods are (hunn ;), I hope pleasing works).

See, you send us to live, enjoy, reproduce and then die…

I hope you don’t have a separate department for separate countries there, do you?

Since I can’t take it any more I decided to write to you, hoping to get some answers … should I or should I not, follow all earthling’s conventions.


Before I forget, I wanted to thank you a hundred times for making some nice products like

Tiffiney Taylor, Jasicca Alba, Che Guevara, my wingmates, obviously my family and Mr. Kalam.


Don’t be so happy face; there are some trash products you dropped here too

Specially, Mr. Reshamiya, Mr. Bush, OBH mess’s Cook, The bully guy I met in class 6th and Ms. Ekta kapoor.


I m sure I have missed lot of people, but its not a perfect world, you made it :p


Well I m gonna shutup now. You carry on with your work, you are doing a nice job, just keep an eye on those idiots at the manufacturing section.


Give my love to all the fairies (this time please send me the red one’s no.), an yah to the angels too (only the female one 😀 ). And reply asap.





PS: – Going home … #don’t know how to write the feeling in words#

PS: — Why does feelings affect appetite, first xam, then BTP now Home (or is it only the mess food).

PS: — No more ps… have to start packing ….

PS: —- Happy diwali to everyone

PS: —– Shubh Laabh !! 🙂