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creatures of IIIT

23 Feb

IN the increasing order of their hazardousness


moth ka saudagar 😀


chaturbhuj … keet


Unfortunate animal (ref. PS) … captured in front of NBH.


And i never accepted that my room is a “Kabootarkhaana”


Looks dangerous … (captured near library)


Most dangerous of all

PS: – the unfortunate chameleon died in a road accident : Warning – not for people with weak heart (mrityu)

PS: — Testimonials, Testimonials … it has occupied every ug2k4ian’s mind these days.

PS: — Countdown has begun, have a month and some days left 😦

PS: —- came across this interesting post about “top most firing IT companies in India” through hydblogs.in.

PS: —– Song of the day – my world – dakku daddy

PS: —— Have to write so many posts … so many testimonials … 2 projects … 3 courses … 118 movies from IMDB 250 …. Too much work to do…

PS: ——- Bas bahut hua… ab agli post main milte hain