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How to increase blog hits

29 May


PS: And here goes my 150th post …


Nano Parking

12 May

Tata’s 1 Lac Nano will be on road’s soon. And if we go by predictions, there is going to be a huge parking problem with the mass sale of this car (apart from high oil consumption and heavy traffic). Being a responsible citizen of the glorious nation of United and secular states of India(on paper)  i’ve come up with a RAM-ARROW (raambaan) soluiton. Have a look…


PS: just don’t forget to carry a black (preferably red) sketch pen with you.

What !!

27 Feb


thats what …

24 Feb


They have feelings …

18 Feb



24 Jan


PS :- TOTALLY UNRELATED LINK : some awesome new optical illusions i came across few days back.

PS :– So missed a prof… back from college, while making this strip… (All Caps)

PS :— All the misspellings and screwed up grammer is intentional.

Caricatured peeJay!!

20 Dec

It’s funny, we work hard so we can catch some Zzz…

and when we are free, laying straight on bed …

there is no sign of sleep not even a nap…

All random thoughts in mind keeps popping up…

and you cover you head with a pillow …

hoping to prevent the overflow.

well I’ll leave the philosophy here and come to the point … And the point is that i had executed one of such random thought ..

Work done with MS paint … strip_1a

PS: – Second caricature i have made so far.

PS: — Microsoft Party, … good food, nice crowd, dance all night … now pain in neck.

PS: — Sonu Nigam … good singer, not a good person though.

PS: —- Transmission line and Antenna … why compulsory course … why exam … :((.

PS: —– nothin … much !!