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What !!

27 Feb


thats what …

24 Feb


Valentine’s day special …

11 Feb


Caricatured peeJay!!

20 Dec

It’s funny, we work hard so we can catch some Zzz…

and when we are free, laying straight on bed …

there is no sign of sleep not even a nap…

All random thoughts in mind keeps popping up…

and you cover you head with a pillow …

hoping to prevent the overflow.

well I’ll leave the philosophy here and come to the point … And the point is that i had executed one of such random thought ..

Work done with MS paint … strip_1a

PS: – Second caricature i have made so far.

PS: — Microsoft Party, … good food, nice crowd, dance all night … now pain in neck.

PS: — Sonu Nigam … good singer, not a good person though.

PS: —- Transmission line and Antenna … why compulsory course … why exam … :((.

PS: —– nothin … much !!