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The Bestest holi

11 Mar

Dear blog,

This is has been my best holi so far. I did so much today you know…

I slept at 3 AM last night and was mercilessly woken up by the maid. She is such a sweet lady I tell you … so over punctual, I asked her to come at 11 AM … but she rang the bell at 8:45 sharp…

You know its so much fun to go down 2 floors and open 3 doors for the maid when you are half sleep. And my flat mate, such a nice guy he is, didn’t get up to open the doors though he was awake.

Anyways, she cleaned the house and I fell on the bed again … sweet dreams till 11:00 AM.

After rise and shine I went in the kitchen to make breakfast cum lunch … or should I say “brunch”…

So, I warmed milk, and made uthapam* which tasted like shit … nothing is more satisfying then wasted feeling with crappy food to eat…

And it stuck 1:00 PM on the clock. So, I switch on the PC and here I am with you, scribing down my brain out…

BTW, Happy Holi …!!



PS: – Uthapam is some thing I m good at cooking … but today was a f***ed up day.

PS: — Missed holi celebration @ college.


Valentine’s day special …

11 Feb


Three things you should know to survive in corporate world

31 Jan

1. Don’t always accept your mistakes.

2. Keep the record of all the conversation you have with your colleagues.

3. Don’t ever cover up for others.


simply … do opposite of what I do… !!