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They have feelings …

18 Feb



The great Khali — er

4 May

Other than IPL there’s is one more news from sports about which all the news-channels are very exited these day. Yeh! the Great khali’s vist to India.

Well, MTV was also celebrating his visit to India, in their own way …


  • · Khali is so tall that once he tripped and hit moon with his head.
  • · Don’t ask Khali to be himself it’s the worst advice you can give him.
  • · Khali use binoculars to tie his shoes.
  • · When Khali want a 1 Rs coin he steps on a 50 paisa coin.
  • · Khali is so big he has a pin code for himself.
  • · When Khali was born he gave stretch mark to his hospital.
  • · Khali’s next generation would sure evolve into human beings.
  • · People jog around Khali to get their morning exercise.
  • · If Khali was proportional he would be 10 feet tall.

Q: – What did Khali say when walked into a crematorium?

A: – What’s cooking?

Q: – What does Khali say on seeing a menu of a restaurant?

A: – Okay

Q: – How does Khali put his best foot forward?

A: – By stepping on someone.

Q: – What did weight scale says when Khali steps on it?

A: – To be continued …

My additions …

· There has been no earthquake recorded since Khali’s last visit to India .

· Global warming is bullshit its Khali’s anger which is melting all those Ice.

· Moon is actually a comet not a satellite. It is revolving around earth waiting for khali to vanish.

· According to a survey there are 15% Indians who sleep empty stomach every night. This figure was 14% until Khali was born.

· Khali don’t believe in match fixing. Because he doesn’t believe in any word he can’t understand.

· To ease the communication problem, Khali got a small intercom setup on his body.

· Khali don’t run fast, because every time he does so, he ends up at the place he started.

· Khali doesn’t mind what I write, he can’t read actually.

PS: – Completed One month stay at Delhi.

PS: — PG’s tag is under processing.

PS: — Met a long lost friend yesterday after 14 years, had so much to talk, unfortunately meeting was short.

PS: —- less than 1 month left for me to become super busy from super vella.

PS: —– A good post by somani here, IIIT is moving a step further with every batch.

PS: —— OK BYE …


creatures of IIIT

23 Feb

IN the increasing order of their hazardousness


moth ka saudagar 😀


chaturbhuj … keet


Unfortunate animal (ref. PS) … captured in front of NBH.


And i never accepted that my room is a “Kabootarkhaana”


Looks dangerous … (captured near library)


Most dangerous of all

PS: – the unfortunate chameleon died in a road accident : Warning – not for people with weak heart (mrityu)

PS: — Testimonials, Testimonials … it has occupied every ug2k4ian’s mind these days.

PS: — Countdown has begun, have a month and some days left 😦

PS: —- came across this interesting post about “top most firing IT companies in India” through hydblogs.in.

PS: —– Song of the day – my world – dakku daddy

PS: —— Have to write so many posts … so many testimonials … 2 projects … 3 courses … 118 movies from IMDB 250 …. Too much work to do…

PS: ——- Bas bahut hua… ab agli post main milte hain

Movie Tagline… !!

1 Feb

Well, was jobless enough…


Superman returns

To get new pair of red underwear


Batman begins

Same shit again


I know what you did last summer

Your vet told me everything


It’s a wonderful life

After your death


Apocalypse now

Lunch later


To kill a mockingbird

Send it to negotiate with the dean


Saving private ryan

For public


Some like it hot

Specially when served in bed


On the waterfront

Your chances of drowning increases


Once upon a time in America

There were people with brain now there are Bushes.


Mr. Smith goes to Washington

And realized he is in wrong simulation of the matrix


Kill Bill

All rights reserved by Hillary and Monika


Life of brain

Filled with twist and turns


V for vendetta

X for xrrr Y for you moron!! Z – Zuck off!! Lets start with 1,2,3 now


Children of men

Oh yah! Men are having children and Cows are flying


American Gangster

Indian Politician


Grind House

Take my grinder


Twelve Monkeys

Lives in my wing


Bride of Frankenstein

Every one has after two years of marriage


Pirates of Caribbean

Have their successors in Lok sabha these days


Extra terrestrial

Has a beard, wear a cap and is a nasal singer


The Matrix reloaded

Out of ammos eh?


The Incredibles

Me and my …


The day after tomorrow

Will become ‘tomorrow’ tomorrow


The mummy

And dead (dad)


Gone with the wind

And never came back



What women want?

Who knows better then me… 😀


There is some thing bout Mary

Is she a he?


Planet of the apes

Is where MJ came from?


PS: – a PS saying there is no PS…