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about the boardings and the advertisements

8 May

1. A cleaver advertisement by a fitness center, exploiting recent shoe throwing incidents, frm Times of India New Delhi. (please excuse my mobile cam for the blur)


2. captured at Mahabaleswar, (i know i know this is probably how its spelled in marathi, but in hindi …)


3. This one is from Cine max hyderabad, (Peeing has never been this fun, unless u’ve been suffering from the pressure for 3-4 hours)


4. Yashwantpur (bangalooru) railway station, (i know there is only one mistake, but the funny part is, there was more spit on the board or around then any wall…


5. This is the Ledgendary Disclaimer board belongs to Mount Opera, Hyderabad (try counting no. of mistakes)


PS: Probably another Desperate attampt to blog.

Hindi Movies – B

21 Oct

When cinema was introduced in India in 1896 who would have thought it will thrive to become biggest film Industry in the world. India accounts for 73% of movie admissions in the Asia-Pacific region, and earnings are currently estimated at US$2.9 billion. 877 feature films and 1177 short films were released in the year 2003 alone, In contrast, 473 films were produced in the US in 2003.

Informally, movies made in India are classified into three categories (other then genre) A, B and C grade. So, what is the difference b/w them?

Well, I guess every one knows what A-grade movies are, so I’ll directly jump to the diff b/w B n C.

  1. B-grade movie has at least one main stream actor, but C-grade doesn’t.
  2. B-grade has better actors then C-grade.
  3. Better editing.
  4. Continuity in the story.

Well these are the few points, and I m sure there must be more.

Here I m going to talk specifically Hindi B-grade movies.

Ingredients of a B-grade movie:-

If you are an aspiring film-maker and can’t afford to loose you money, then read these few lines carefully.

  1. You need to know the popular genre. What is in demand?
  2. No matter what the story is do add few scenes displaying woman anatomy.

History of B-grade movies:


As far as I remember, in the beginning most of the B-grade movies were Horror.

After the success of Ramsay brother’s, every one jumped into making such movies. Though, ramsay tried their luck in main stream, but didn’t taset success (except the their success full horror series Zee Horror Show).

movies like Veerana






were milestone of this genre.

This was the time of late 80’s and early 90’s, most of the B-garde moives were horror.


Then came the time of Jungle movies… it was early 90’s and horror flicks were loosing their charm. Then movie like “Taarzan” and “jungle ki beti” were the life saver


And thats how we got a new theme for such movies.

these movies were perfect. low budget(can save on males clothes too :D) , wide possibility of skin show no tension of story too.

This was the time when C-grade movies came into existence, most of the horror flick of this time were utter crap, and hence placed under C-grade.


Mid 90’s, again a breeze of fresh air in the B-film industry, brought by our very own Mithun Da. The one man army, the Rajnikant of B-grade Bollywood movies,

dikhne main bevda

chalne main ghoda

maarne main hathoda…

there are so many of them ….

movies like gunda






were just the tiniest show off of his greatness.

Not only Mithun but other main stream actors tried their luck but no one achieved his heights.

It was a common saying among the producers that time:- if you have about 5 lac bucks and will to make a movie, take next train to ooty. Rest all, Mithun will take care of.

Meanwhile C-grade movie producers got a new funda for their movies, Dacoit. Though there were few B-grade Daaku moives too, but majority of them were C-grade.


The new millenium, B-grade film industry saw a drastic change in the base of story, now there was just sex, nudity, double meaning dialogue all in all, the only ingredient which actually make the movie sell.

But unlike previous movies these genre was lead buy the ladies …

like Megna Naidu, Sherlyn(Mona) Chopra, Monalisa, Payal Rohatgi etc. These are the few names who tried to find a way to main stream from B-grade moives… some succeeded some still trying.

This time C-movie industry, caught up with B, and made numerous such movies.

So this was a glimpse of that part of Hindi film industry…

At the end i can only say … “to appreciate something good you need to taste the worse”. that’s all 🙂

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