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Weird night at a club

5 Nov

Date:  4th November, Wednesday

Place: 10th Downing Street, Hyderabad

Occasion: Nothing, just ladies night

It probably was just another day for a popular club at Hyderabad. It was ladies night, means free drinks and sacks for ladies till 10 PM. The not so huge place was crowded with females ranging from 21 (legally, would be less) to I don’t know 50 may be. No guys allowed. Things were fine, DJ was playing popular tracks and rests were shaking their legs.

Guy friends, Cousins, Boyfriends, Husbands (mostly someone else’s) waiting outside for the clock to stuck 10 and they can get an entry. Wait’s over its, guys are in and here comes A local male model (let’s call him X).

Now, Mr. X gets up to the center stage and announce that he is going to choose three lucky gals who’ll get the opportunity of undressing him (by that he meant removing his T-shirt). Sudden excitement was noticeable among the crowd, consisting mostly females, some of them not in their senses probably.

The drama begins, he selects the three lucky gals, and here’s a fight, who gets it off first? And it doesn’t end here; they rub, pinch and can’t explain what.

Well, surprise surprise … here’s another game… come on gals lets spank these five chosen guys now… doesn’t matter if you even know them remotely. And the insanity of “the sane” people continues.

OK! Call me old fashioned, but I somehow I had difficulty digesting it. So, I puked it out here. Rest experienced janta can tell me if sophisticated modernized people behave this way.

about the boardings and the advertisements

8 May

1. A cleaver advertisement by a fitness center, exploiting recent shoe throwing incidents, frm Times of India New Delhi. (please excuse my mobile cam for the blur)


2. captured at Mahabaleswar, (i know i know this is probably how its spelled in marathi, but in hindi …)


3. This one is from Cine max hyderabad, (Peeing has never been this fun, unless u’ve been suffering from the pressure for 3-4 hours)


4. Yashwantpur (bangalooru) railway station, (i know there is only one mistake, but the funny part is, there was more spit on the board or around then any wall…


5. This is the Ledgendary Disclaimer board belongs to Mount Opera, Hyderabad (try counting no. of mistakes)


PS: Probably another Desperate attampt to blog.

Strange Incident

28 Feb

Well, I was at the subway yesterday, enjoying “sub of the day”. And there were two school couples sitting at the table next to mine, chit chatting. There were 4 trays lying on their table, with all the leftover on it. After they were finished they got up and left.


After few seconds, entered a bit bulky white woman (i.e a non-indian). For all those who have not been to the Hi-tech City subway, it’s quit small place with only three tables there to sit at.


Anyways, to my surprise this white woman took all the four trays left by brown people, emptied them in the garbage collector and kept them on the tray panel. Then she occupied the place.



And I was left thinking … are we really modernizing?




(And also how good it would be, if our college will have a Subway: D)



PS: – 99th Post …

PS: — 10th post of this month …

PS: — Got tagged by karan, 101st is going to be on the same.

PS: —- song of the day: – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

PS: —– 1 month left.

PS: —— It’s a Goodbye ps …


10 Feb

Felicity-08, three days of utter fun.


1st day

– Woke up at 9:30, left for the main building at 12.

– Attended the blogging workshop by Rashmi Bansal.

– Accidentally took part in Radio ka Badshaah organized by Radio mirchi.

– Got selected for second round.

– Missed lunch.

– Cleared the second round an became one of the eight students to be on AIR.

– Enjoyed “Indian Ocean”.

– Tapped legs in War of DJs.

– Skipped Dinner and went to bed.


2nd day

– Saw Saturdays sun at 9:40 AM, reached main building at 11.

– Participated in Antakshari prelims.

– Attended the first round of MnM.

– Went to room, had Maggie and left after that.

– Wanted to take part in Graffiti but some how took part in E-Q instead.

– To my surprise won 2nd prize (all on Khurana and Bharat my teammates).

– Skipped rock night.

– Did some practice.

– Slept at 3.


3rd day

– Got selected for second round of MnM,

– Saw others perform,

– Did some acting on stage,

– Was happy with the performance,

– Met few participants who were uncertain bout their but sure bout my selection :D,

– Came to room no. 305 to see the results,

– Judges were deciding the final ten,

– Saw a lill ‘X’ besides my name in the marks list, a tick besides the name of candidates under consideration and no sign for the rejected one,

– Confirmed my rejection from the organizers,

– told the surprised other participants and friends,

– Reconfirmed the results,

– Went to sleep,

– Got up at 4:30 attended all the events,

– Did a lot of hooting, shouting and teasing.

– Came to room before the DJ night started,

– Worked on Religion and Society presentation, due this Monday.

– Wrote this post




PS: – Kudos to UG3 for Superb management, new events like ‘War of DJs’, calling ‘Indian Ocean’ and handling “Rock show Massacre”.

PS: — Awesome inauguration dance and the Final day “OSO” performance.

PS: — Dancing events was just marvelous this time, outstanding performers.

PS: —- MnM lost it’s charm.

PS: —– Skit round was the most disappointing one.

PS: —— Talks were a ‘thou shall not miss this’ this time with eminent personalities like Sitaram yechuri and Karuna Gopal.

PS: ——- Good to see the presence 2k3 batch, they were the soul of Hooting.

PS: ——- Well’s that’s the felicity-08 for you from my eyes.

PS: ——– As I said before, my last felicity as a student, so getting a little senti, wish I’d be able to attend Felicity-09.

PS: ——— Feeling sleepy now, so gotta go, Adios.