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The Grassy BC … !!

7 Nov

You must have come across this old saying ….

Grass is always greener on the other side

Well, Few weeks ago, our very own  Hah!B33t had this status msg ….

the greenness of grass g(x) = a(x-t)^2, x being the absolute distance of the grass from the observer, t being the threshold for the ‘other side’, a is a positive constant

And it triggered the other’s status message updates …

ankit.iiit : where xactly is this other side… ? towards the left, right, front or back ?

sbadrinath : Why are we so obsessed with the bloody grass anyway?  Why dont we talk about how watery the lake is or how cloudy the clouds are?

sankalp.mulye : How does the greenness matter if you are going to smoke it away?

akash.iiit : duniya ki saari ghaas ek jhopde mein…..

jaiswal.ankur : ass and gr”ass” cant be friends

n finally

supreeth.achar Stay off the grass.

PS: – well this wasn’t an intresting post …. but was dying to post someting.

PS: — This is must check for Alonso fans.

PS: — Found this great link … rmr those days of early 90’s.

PS : —- And this is some good shit…

PS: —– song of the week — haule haule ho jaayega pyaar from Rab ne bandi jodi.

PS: —— please send an email to me… if u find my creativity some where :(.

PS: ——- Before i leave, a public announcment … lyf after job is better then lyf after death (just coz i’ve not seen it ).