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Love, Sex aur Dhokha

21 Mar

Ok, So other than the Title (of course) there were two things which attracted my attention toward this movie.

First, this being directed by Dibakar Benerjee (Director of “Oye Lucky Lucky oye” and “Khosla ka ghosla”), I was expecting this movie to be different kind of entertainer.

Second the Producer of the Movie Ekta Kapoor, going against her “K” addiction by choosing such title which doesn’t even have a random spelling for numerology sake.

So, what the movie is all about ?

The movie consists of three vaguely interconnected stories, namely …

mehendi laga ke rakhna (LOVE) :-

A love story, inspired from the 90’s romantic movies. As the name of the story suggests the protagonist’s name is Rahul, a film school student making his graduation movie, who meets Shruti (actress in his movie ) and they fall in love. This whole story is shot with a regular shooting camera, which we usually see in marriages and all. The last scene of this story is pretty strong … it shook me to the core … it looks very much like lifted from cloverfield (the irony part to be precise), but cloverfield failed to leave such a mark.

Badnaam Shoharat (SEX) :-

This is actually the third chapter of the movie, but if we go buy the time line, it ends before the second one and fits well with the second part of the title too. This part is shot with the hidden cameras. The story is about Prabhat, a journalist specialist in sting operation who was failing to meet the demand of his TRP thirsty boss and an aspiring model Naina who’s been exploited by the casting couch. Both meets while trying to commit suicide, and decides to help each other, her by doing a sting operation on acts of Pop singer “lauki local”.

paap ki dukaan (DHOKA) :-

This again has two protagonists, Adarsh an underemployed MBA graduate and Rashmi a regular looking, night shift worker at a 24X7 supermarket. Adarsh starts interacting with Rashmi with the motive of getting a sex tape, so he can sell it off and pay back the money he borrowed from “the committee”. His love for rashmi kept changing his priorities from time to time, but he ends up taking advantage of her when she was very volatile and needed some one to comfort her. This part of the movie is all shot with CCTV cameras, which were maintained by Adarsh and his colleague who originally gave him the idea of making a Sex Scandal Tape.


The movies is less than 2 hours long, with no song disturbance as such. And the best part about the movie is the cinematography by Nikos Andritsakis other then the direction of Mr. Benerjee of course. The acting is very natural, and so are the stories. You can’t help but be part of it. You feel for the characters, you related to them …. and of course you cry for them too. Even after the movie is over you are left with the desperation to find more and more about them.

It’s one movie, I would rate higher than any multistarer, super entertainer big budget movies. Please please please go and watch this one in the cinema hall.

PS:- Don’t go for the movie expecting nudity. You’ll be disappointed.

PS:– The language is pretty strong, which adds to realness of the movie could be offending to some people though.

PS:— No, I am not getting paid by ekta kapoor for this review.

PS:—- pic courtesy: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Valentine’s day special …

11 Feb


बहारें फिर आयेंगी !!

14 Feb

Well, this poem i wrote to cheer up a friend of mine … its not from the legendary “Dhool saani diary” but will soon compile few from that also.. !!

So, this poem is dedicated to all those guys, who are …. well better leave it unsaid.

फूल फिर खिलेंगे दोस्त,
घटायें फिर छायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

जानता हूँ मैं मेरी ये बातें
तुझे लगती बेमानी हैं |
एक तालाब सूख गया तो क्या
देख बहती नदियों मैं कितना पानी है |

ये कालिमा बस इक रात कि है
सुबह होते ही ये भाग जायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

समझता हूँ मैं तेरा दर्द
मुझे भी है एहसास |
पर कभी कभी कीचड़ को
कमल नहीं आता रास |

जितना तू सूचेगा
यादें उतना सतायेंगी
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
यार !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

मानता हूँ मैं कि भूलना
नहीं होता आसान |
पर एक शमा बुझ जाने पर
नहीं जलाते अपनी जान |

देख जब तक तू मुस्कुराता नहीं
मेरी कवितायेँ तेरा सर खायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बोल रहा हूँ न !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

(if u can’t reas devnagri (hindi script))
phool phir khilenge dost
ghatayen phir chayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

jaanta hoon main
yeh baaten
lagti bemani hain
yeh talab sookh gaya
to kya hua ….
dekh behti nadiyon main
kitna paani hai

yeh kaalima bas ik raat ki
subah hote hi yeh bhaag jaayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

samajhta hoon main
tera darad
mujhe bhi hai ehsaas
par kabhi kabhi keechar
ko bhi
Kamal nahi aata raas

jitna jyada tu sochega
yaaden utna jyada satayengi
phatjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

maanta hoon main
ki bhooljaana
kaam nahi hai aasaan

shama bujh jaane per

jalate nahi apni jaan

dekh jab tak tu muskurata nahi
meri kavitayen tera ser khaayengi
phatjgar bas khatam hone ko hai
yaar !! bharen phir aayengi !!
PS: – No ps dis time .. !!