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What’s up with orkut

3 Mar


is it just me … or programmers at orkut are lacking some basic knowledge of english grammar ??

Orkut’s Worst 5 pickup lines !!

24 Dec

It’s been almost 3.5  years since i’ve joined Orkut (a social networking site). I found almost all my long lost friends there. But this post is not about thanking Mr. Orkut Büyükkökten, although I m thankful to him :D.


Orkut has served as a great dwelling place for all the cyber Romeos. And as always some are smart, some are lame … but to make it to the worst 5 u got be the lamest …


Well here are the worse 5 I came across…



At No. 5 we have

Mr. Kunal


hi poooooooooo mujhse dosti karogi?
aap soch rahi hongi ki aap to mujhe

janti bhi nahin hain phir mujhse dosti

kaise karengi?
Koi baat nahin , jab hum is duniya

mein aate hain to kisi ko nahin jante,

par jaise jaise bade hote hain waise

waise naye naye rishte aur dost bante

jate hain, hai na , am i right?
aur jab tak kisi se dosti nahi karogi tab

tak use janoge kaise?

Dosti karogi na?
Is it possible or Impossible?

Don’t say impossible bcause the wrd

impossible says itself that
am i right…………..

(yawn!!  Is that a pick up line or pickup passage?)






No. 4

Mr. Kabir



Hello, mam

We have not met, but I m sure u are very beautyfull as your pic.

And aapak nature bhi bahut accha hoga.

Pata tab chalega Jab main aapse miloonga,

Miloonga tab jab dosti hogi …

So, make my friend.

(And this was a testimonial)





No. 3

Mr. Ranjeet


im frm idgah hills
can we guys b gud frndz

(Dude it’s a gal … you are a guy … come on  focus)




No. 2



dude you look so sweet 

can we make franz

(Now you are killing me !! dude –> guy  ….. no gal … “Gee you  why”  guy)

(And the second line … don’t get me started on that …!)


And now,



No. 1

every 3rd Romeo


Hi, I wanna to make friendships with you.

(Yes!! finally you said it … i m sure all the ladies are dying to read those golden words)



Congratulations to all the winners … n I’ll be back soon with worst 5 punch lines of hi5. Till then keep checking this space.



PS :- Thought of linking to their profiles, but that would be a little too much i guess.

PS :– Will be out to Bangalooru from 25-28th … 

PS :— 2009 is here …. god … its almost the end of another decade.

PS :—- if u have not already then plz go n read this one … my stomach is still paining because of the uncontrolled laughing. 

PS :—– Any one know bout an in budget newyear party ?? 

PS :—– Ok Baai !!