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Are you religious?

24 Apr

Am I religious …

to tell you the truth, I was religious, I was believer … I use to think that there is some force beyond human beings, a god whom we all address with different names.

But now my perspective is changed a bit now I m loosing my belief, on god and destiny. To me express my present belief in more technical terms …

Now I think every thing goes on in this world is a random process but with interdependent variables. Anyways this post is not about explaining that random process but about the religious beliefs.

Although I doubt the existence of god, I still go to temples with my family, read Ramayana and pray to god. Now why is that …

May be for my family, so they won’t think their son is an atheist or may be for the guruji so he wont think his favorite shishye is corrupted or for the aam janta so they wont think I m abnormal.

No, none of them … I think including me … most of us are religious to live a tension free life. Because deep inside every one has this belief that with all the pooja path their misfortunes wont last longer. And as I said every thing goes on in this word is a random process, things and conditions keeps on changing. Some day things get better.

It’s like the way we learn cycling, it’s our belief that some one is supporting us from back to save us from falling make us learn riding bicycle.

PS: – Delhi is 42 degree Celsius these days… now I understand why delhi gals are smoking hot.

PS: — I was hoping much much better performance from IPL (Deccan chargers) Hyderabad team after kickass ICL (Hyderabad Heroes).

PS: — All those people who think having cheer leader in cricket matches is lame can go and start watching aastha channel.

PS: —- Another little birdie told me that MTV Rodies lost half of its viewers after kicking shambhavi out.

PS: —– Trip to Kanpur was great, attended a marriage ceremony after 4 years, now I know what is called dancing all night.

PS: —— It is almost impossible to find a proper road in Kanpur, and I guess it is the only place where you’ll find a world class mall in the middle of most underdeveloped region of city.

PS: ——- About meet an old friend after almost 16 years … very exited.

PS: ——– And finally I have one thing less to think bout before I sleep.

PS: ——— Adios amigos