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Weird night at a club

5 Nov

Date:  4th November, Wednesday

Place: 10th Downing Street, Hyderabad

Occasion: Nothing, just ladies night

It probably was just another day for a popular club at Hyderabad. It was ladies night, means free drinks and sacks for ladies till 10 PM. The not so huge place was crowded with females ranging from 21 (legally, would be less) to I don’t know 50 may be. No guys allowed. Things were fine, DJ was playing popular tracks and rests were shaking their legs.

Guy friends, Cousins, Boyfriends, Husbands (mostly someone else’s) waiting outside for the clock to stuck 10 and they can get an entry. Wait’s over its, guys are in and here comes A local male model (let’s call him X).

Now, Mr. X gets up to the center stage and announce that he is going to choose three lucky gals who’ll get the opportunity of undressing him (by that he meant removing his T-shirt). Sudden excitement was noticeable among the crowd, consisting mostly females, some of them not in their senses probably.

The drama begins, he selects the three lucky gals, and here’s a fight, who gets it off first? And it doesn’t end here; they rub, pinch and can’t explain what.

Well, surprise surprise … here’s another game… come on gals lets spank these five chosen guys now… doesn’t matter if you even know them remotely. And the insanity of “the sane” people continues.

OK! Call me old fashioned, but I somehow I had difficulty digesting it. So, I puked it out here. Rest experienced janta can tell me if sophisticated modernized people behave this way.

Poison @ Hyderabad

13 Oct

To all the people who think night life in Hyderabad sucks, I have just one thing to offer them POISON. The latest addition to the Night clubs in Hyderabad. Located in newly constructed Shangrilla Plaza at Road no. 2 Banjara Hills, is definitely up to the standard set by its sisters in Mumbai and Goa.

Recently the launch of this DJ Aqeel ‘s 3rd nightclub of its kind was in news. As per the review of WOW! Hyderabad, it looked really promising, so thought of checking it out this Sunday night.

We reached Shangrilla plaza at 9:30 PM, and it took 10 more minutes to reach the 7th floor. First reaction was its ok, although the scent they had used was a bit irritating. The bouncers here were human looking, not giants like Zouk has.

Now, May be we were lucky or may be it’s their policy, but we got entry without paying the cover charges. As soon as you enter you’ll see lounge area in your left, with a soft music and great ambiance it’s idle to have chit-chat with friends over few drinks.

But our destination was little further in, the disc …

Now, what makes this place different from other’s …

1. Largest dance floor compared to any of the discs I have been to.

2. Many screens including a projector all playing F-TV.

3. Techno and Trans music, which poison is famous for.

4. Pure bollywood mix from 10:30 onwards for insane dancing.

5. And of course the awesome crowd including many celebrities.

Since, the place has just opened they didn’t have menu cards so ordering was a bit problematic. There was time when server got us really irritated coz everything we think of ordering is what they don’t have.

After 10 the place becomes really crowded, although no one started dancing till we led the way :D. The DJ was awesome and disc lights were adding the feel. We started at 10:30 with two and when we left the dance floor it was near 12 and there were more than 30 people on the floor.

Apart from the Disc there’s a VIP purple room also, which is only for the members are the membership cost is around 1.5 lac per month(according to WOW!).

And yah! forgot mention about the paparazzi es which were continuously clicking pictures of starts and popular personalities, although I didn’t recognize any of them!!

Well, that was one night well spend … finally I’ve started liking Hyderabad. 🙂

PS:- One thing I hate bout Hyderabad is they close down all the discs at 12 PM. 😦

PS: — If you are not into dancing and only interested in dancing, love rock and watch sports a lot, then try Xtreme-sports in front of city center, Banjara-hills.

PS:— I m not going to write what the next post is going to be about, coz I never finish those posts.

PS:—- Didn’t sleep properly for past 3 nights, thanks IIIT for all those night out training.

PS:—– After all these months, I would still rate dancing in OBH ground with 300 ppl over any of the discs.

PS:—— Makes me nostalgic. 😦

PS:——- BBYE … !!