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Last Midsem

20 Feb

Today was another something I did last time at IIIT. Yeh! The midsems, so no more midsems, no more midnight slogging, no more …


eh! I hate this no more blah blah senti …


But this is all that have crowded my mind. Reading all the testimonials from the friends drove me senti…


Same shit again …


I never had this feeling when I left school, and why should I? I had to leave every school after 1 or 2 year. It took 9 schools to finally get me an Intermediate Certificate. So, no emotional attachment 😀 .


Well, what ever!!




Question in mind: – Why do bombers put a clock display attached on a time bomb?


I mean they have set the time, bomb is going to blow up, why they want diffusing team to find out when the bomb is going blow.


Wouldn’t it be better if only the bomber knows when the bomb is going off. He would save the display for other bomb too. See even economic.


Any one still want to defend the Bomber, say Aye!!



Song Listening to: – Chris Isaak – Wicked Game



OK then … Catch you reading the next post.