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India Shining

16 Nov


“Chi chooo chii …. Chi choo chii” the sound of jute cot was more than audible, it was unbearably loud. Even the barking street dogs were loosing their charm.

“Amma Amma”, chandu found himself finally uttering some thing.


“Eh!! I told you to throw that runt outside. Why do whores have family any ways”, chandu heard ugly bevda dada grunting to his mother.


“Why can’t he just pretend to be sleeping as he always does? But no he has to disturb him, the big bulky bevda dada only”, were the last thoughts in his mind when he found bevda standing in front of him.


“Oh… Actually …”, chandu had barely started his sentence.







After few moments, chandu came back to his sense to find himself out in the cold. He looked back to door with hope that the he’ll be soon back in his warm shawl. For the time being he covered himself with the paper lying on the footpath with the headline “India Shining”.





PS: – Wanted to blog this since one week.

PS: — But couldn’t, remember i went home.

PS: — But now m back.

PS: —- Couldn’t get Globalization… who cares …

PS: —– Delhi’s a lovely place … quoting 2nd time

PS: —— Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, how can they make such a big fuss bout such crappy movies.

PS: ——- I hate hyderabadi autowalas.

PS: ——– A PS saying Talli hoo!!