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Exams and the big news

17 Feb

Its 11:55 PM,

TLA book is resting on my bed, and I have no intension of disturbing it.

My PC’s speakers are sounding like Eric Clapton. (can’t get him out of my playlist)

Bloody mosquitoes are feasting on my blood and laughing at helpless allout pluggy. (wish they catch humalaria)

Thinking to write a post bout the BIG News :-

well, the news is that

– few guys from the stadium jumped over the barrings

– came to coffee shop or some region closed to it

– eve teased few girls

– and got busted by the Cyberabad Police


Its 12:10

TLA book is giving me look, a ****** give a ******* *******.

My PC is still playing Eric Clapton. (He is sticky :D)

Mosquitoes are kind of backing off, either they are full or pluggy is winning. (Go Pluggy Go)

Thinking of writing few PS…..

they are

PS: – Missed DJ Tiesto’s performance Live at Gachibowli Stadium :(.

PS: — Received first testimonial of yearbook from Ganand.

PS: — Attended BarCamp5 at Google, it surely rocked.

PS: —- Presentation on how to build a successful blog and Women in IT and Entrepreneurship were outstanding.

PS: —– Missed the Silverlight and Open source one, seems they were pretty good too.

PS: —— For more details.

PS: ——- All the best to all the exam victims.

PS: ——– Iti 95 post samaptam.