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Tina Fey

16 Dec

Well this certainly is the topic I’ve always tried to avoid writing about… But after three Season’s of “30 Rock” and numerous youtube videos, I just couldn’t resist to confess my lurrrv for Tina Fey.



I know she’s 15 years older than me, but did that stopped Melania Knauss from marrying Donald Trump or Jesus Luz form Dating Madonna ….   Niiiyyooooo  !!!


So don’t give me that title of yours “Lover of the elderly”… ( Yes! Saurabh this was for you )


BTW its not the age, its the the mixture of intelligence, wit, nerdiness, sarcasm, enchanting smile or just the weird geeky attraction towards the female in “black plastic-rimmed glasses”. But it sure makes her a geek goddess ….

And, one more thing, I don’t like Megan Fox …

Here, I said it, the unspeakable.  I’ve broke the foxy charm, she’s nothing but a man in female disguise … If u don’t believe me Google it….

PS : – And I am not being sarcastic.

PS : — For all the females out there waiting to catch this fish, here’s a tip … visit your optometrist… ASAP

PS : — A reminder, I was still serious about the thing for Tina Fey.