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double standards of khel ratna – dhoni

25 Aug

“Losers always have excuses while winner always has energy to beat them…..BOOST IS THE SECRET OF MY ENERGY AND URS”.

most of us have seen this add where Sachin and Dhoni together revels an “alien” fact to the aam janta that only losers give excuses … and blah blah …

and then you see this news, ‘not the players, it’s the crowd who’s to be blamed for the shitty fielding’

And I can’t stop LOLing at the double standards of Indian Cricket Team Captain, Bharat Khel Ratna Sri Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

PS:- I am not Dhoni hater, and for that matter not a cricket fan either.

PS:– And I do know that they are paid to say so, even if they don’t mean it.

PS:— But all the recent fuss about him, somehow forced me to write it.

PS:—- To all the Dhoni fan’s out there, who (if they have) got pissed after reading this … I don’t give a Damn :P.

PS:—– Back to my life… nothing it’s too boring…

PS:—— Although it felt good to see some IIITian yesterday at Ice-cream parlor. But weirdly self-conscious me didn’t go up and said hello to them. I have got to work on my social skills 😐.

PS:——- convocation coming … the moment I’ve waited long is going to come when I’ll throw those graduation caps in the air.

PS:——– My account also got hacked recently … but with the help support@worpress.com I finally got it back… but hacker removed all my blogroll links … got to put them back again 😦.

PS:———- That’s all I guess then …

PS:———– Eop(exit);