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its raining, Man !! :D

12 Apr

Today! After 4 months of hard work, we finally made Handa to give us treat. Everything was going well; we had awesome dinner at olive garden with soothing view ;-). Except some minor incidents but that doesn’t matter. And we got 10% discount also!! But, as we came out, a tiny water droplet landed on my cheek. “Hmm.. so its going to rain” I said.

I wish time have stopped at that moment. Coz, just after I finished my sentence Akash made a wish that he wants to see flood once in his life. I didn’t remember the actual words he said, but who cares. The important thing is his wish came true.

Well, some how we managed to get an auto (Getting an auto back to Gachibowli at 10+ and that on a rainy day … oops I mean night, is like getting water in the middle of sahara). We thought our problems are solved but it was the beginning. So we four cursed guys – me, chauhan, keser n handa chose an auto with broken wiper n  a Telugu driver who don’t understand Hindi or English. U might ask why the hack we took such vehicle, well it was night so we didn’t see the wiper (like we check it always), and then money talk is the only language which every one understand, so we didn’t recognize his unawareness of Hindi n also we were in hurry too, remember!!.

Then we were on the road, every thing was clear but the front glass of auto. The road view was so blurred that street light and vehicle’s head light were looking no different. And our great great auto vale bhaiya was driving with speed of light (Note:- its just an expression, no one can drive with speed of light because it will break Einstein’s law, and I don’t want be accused of breaking any thing :p) hmm.. where was I, ya! in the auto. Well as I told you we were not able to communicate with that guy, so we were just praying that we could reach our hostel safely, so that we can see face of our beloved Mr. BLN again :p.

So came kondapur, half of the nightmare was over. Hey rewind rewind rewind !! I guess I forgot some thing. Haan… I saved keser’s head, how may time do I have to tell these kids don’t pop your head out of moving vehicle, its really dangerous, (someone might get hurt if your head hit the poor guy :p) you might not be able to were cap, goggles n all other stuff’s! rite , so be care full next time. Anyways I pulled him in, and pushed chauhan out :D! but that’s a different matter.

Annn… where did I left? Ya! We crossed kondapur n were heading towards out ultimate destination! The way was no cushy. But we were fighting with the winds na na na … storm aaannnn no no no ya cyclones, n were facing the arrows falling from the sky. Every one was tired, they were loosing there strength, handa was about to fall. “Buck up solider ! you r not going to fall, not now not today” I said. And then I came into the form, n took command from that moron driver. And after fighting with lots of troubles, I finally managed to save all of us! Then every one said in one voice: – “ gr8 gr8 @nks has did it again, he saved the day… oops I mean night

I guess last paragraph went little filmy, well we arrived safely, I missed my meeting, we went to the terrace, enjoyed rain and now here I am sneezing, n rubbing my nose. And sitting in front of my pc doing nothing more than wasting my time writing this crap :D.

Well I remember few witty comments of chauhan , forgot to mention :-

  1. yaar hande!! Yhe to kaise treat di humko, hum to thik hai, but bhagvan ka pet kharab ho gaya.
  2. Hmm.. ab main itna bheeg chukka hoon ki hostel jaa ke do hi cheez mujhe bacha sakti hai ya to daaro ya paaro (yhe comment mere dwara edit ker diya gaya hai is main paroo ki jagah haamare chahete …… ka naam tha :p)!!

Ok then!! Story’s over 😀

Dont you think ???

12 Apr

I have just few question for all those who are really willing to do some thing to make government drop its idea of reservation in premier institutes …

  1. Do you really think that signing online petition is enough from your side?
  2. Do you think our government does care about such thing?
  3. Don’t you think we should do some thing to show those morons that we do care about what they are doing to country and specially our future?
  4. Don’t you think sitting in our room and giving exercise to our fingers is not enough?
  5. Don’t you think silently accepting this would be a great loss for us n our lots of deserving students out there who are waiting for their chance?
  6. Don’t you think that we should show them that we are not sleeping?
  7. Don’t you think that we should not let them play their dirty politics with our futurte?

I guess its time for us to join that revolution, before its too late ….

Don’t you think ???

A new but decent logo for IIIT

8 Apr

my innovative work !! hope u like it 🙂