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A letter from Kallu madraasi

10 Jun

Dear relatives (from North India),

You calling me a madraasi doesn’t offend me at all. But it does annoy me, because of the mere fact that Madras presidency stopped existing after 1956 and the city of Madras is now known as Chennai.

Govt. of India formed states based on the language people speak, The four South Indian states with the language and the people are :-

1. Karnataka -> Kannada -> Kannadigas

2. Andhra Pradesh -> Telugu -> Telugu

3. Tamil Nadu ->  Tamil -> Tamil

4. Kerala -> Malayalam -> Malayali

So, for the next time you can use any of these four. Though speaking based on my current geographical location, you may call me “Hyderabadi” or “Telugu” or to always be on the safer side “South Indian” :).


– Kallu Madraasi

PS:- This was just an FYI post, if you feel like digging more … you may check namrata‘s post.

PS:– I might have used the word relatives, but it was meant for every North Indian of their generation specifically.

PS:— Still searching for a house 😦 …

Relationships and Guardians

8 Jun

OK this isn’t my kind of post, but this is something I need to share with my readers (if any left).

Most of you “STUDDS” and “REBELLION” types already knows it, but my kind might not be aware of it or think it’s a good thing to do. But trust me, never ever be totally honest bout your relationships with your guardians (includes parents and relatives of their generation).


Coz they’ll say that treat them as your friend, and you can tell them every thing. Hell! they’ll even tease you often asking bout your gal friends or boy friends or both … or … Whatever …

But never ever tell them bout it …. don’t break … because if you do so … you are DOOMED …. totally

first, all you relatives will know bout it … at least the most annoying one’s.

second, You’ll get a taunt every time some thing even remotely related to that is mentioned.

third, The continuous teasing and nagging of course … i know i mentioned it already but … you know …

You might find it fun in the beginning but don’t flatter yourself with sudden attention. Every new monkey in the zoo get that … But after some time it only reduce to daily tail pulling job.

If you still don’t believe me … well go ahead …. what do I care …



PS:- Based on past experience of many of my friends.

PS:– Not me … totally not me … I m a very very good boy mommy*.

PS:— Nothing more to read here now …

PS:—- yeh! house hunt sucks … If any one is aware of a decent 2 BHK in or around Hitech-city, please let me know 🙂


*(psst! I’ve hear my parents have been exposed to the existence of my blog)