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Please dont strangle me after reading this

29 Aug

Its not my fault, after reading this post of Sreejith, my instincts forced me to write some of my, such beautiful creations. My very own PJ’s (pathetic jokes, if you call them a joke).

{contains hints to understand the joke πŸ˜€ }


How a stamp collector n a coin collector can expend their collection, together?












Its a simple maths question..

see ….

coin collector + stamp collector = ( coin + stamp ) taken common “collector”


(stamp + coin ) taken from “common collector”= ampified (stamp + coin )

{ ref :- common collector amplifier in transistors}

Hence, their collection got amplified i.e. expended .. !!


Amrinder Gill and Priya Gill went Kanyakumari. When they were driving back home, unfortunately their car fell into the sea.
Both of them didn’t know how to swim but still they survived. How?












Actually, they two, means Mr. Gill and Ms. Gill makes Gill + Gill = Gills
using gills they managed to breath in water
hence, they survived.


why musharraf keep giving shock to the world ?












Because at “current” he is the man with “high potential”.

{electronics again}

Few one liners i made…

1. I am the hottest man alive , rest all burnt !!
2. Before god we all are equally fool , and i m the exception !!

3. Those who work hard for enjoyment, never enjoys the hard work !!

PS :- some one said:- anger is not good for health.

PS :– some one also said:- Thy shall believe in forgiveness not in punishment.

PS :— some also said :- level of anger falls exponentially with time.

PS :—- i got my time …. πŸ˜€

PS :—– well about life —- so many blank mails :D.

PS :—— Saw ratataullie (did i spell it correct). Awesome movie .. a must watch for all animation fans.

PS :——- song of the day :- na pucho – Cash (some Hindi rap)

PS :——– Fed up of watching news about “orkut”.

PS :——— Finally got an FPS which work on my pc(i.e. return to castle wolfistine). My pc seriously need an hardware update.

PS :———- After Doom and Blood Ryane a movie on Max Payne.

PS :———– “w” & “u” key of my key board is not responding. I know how much pain it took me to write this post.

PS :———— well talli hoo … !!

Batch trip day-3

24 Aug

NOTE:- right click on the image and select view image to see image is full resolution.

It is the third day … we were suppose to be visiting places in ooty last day, unfortunately couldn’t.

Anyways, so here we are at Botanical garden …

And, here we are … !!

Hey, where am i ??

ohh, here !! Holding tree for others … why am i so altruist πŸ˜€ .

Where is keser ??

Ohh my god … !! for heaven’s sake keser

There was little some thing didn’t tell you ….

Its a little weird, but i think you can handle it, Well!! keser realized his hidden power, no no no not that, his power to grow n shrink. I knew you won’t believe me so i bought u a proof.

see ….

What do you mean, its bad trick photography ?

some pics …

here !!

there !!

Every where !!

n yah … !! me Grim Reaper !!

This was the best pic … keser’s cell could take ….. !!

Did some shopping, bought tea and chocolates, and left for Boat House.

And here you’ll see the how the hat i mentioned bout, in first post became legendary.

and of course the legendary person himself.

This was our last stop at ooty.

well clouds did weep when we were leaving …

Ultimately, At Coimbatore Station … waithing for train … (gam main bhi haste hue !! )

chalo, trips over … BBye tada .. !!

PS:- Finally final post is over.

PS:– It rained cat and dogs today.

PS:— Had candle light dinner at OBH. Can any one tell what did i eat today ??

PS:—- “Two and a half men” – finished 2 seasons in a week.

PS:—– Song of the day – “maula mere le le meri jaan – chak de”

PS:—— made a caricature for MAG.

PS:——- What else .. !! yah .. Good bye .. !!

15 min of nonsence !!

22 Aug

Date: 22/08/07 (1:42 PM)


Me – online on G-talk with default status … β€œvery very busy … do not disturb”


1:45 PM

An IM window pop up …

hamesha vry vry busy…..hawa kya maar raha hai…



abe agar hawa maaronga to badboo nahi aayegi

hunn ??


yar tu to kafi fast ho gaya hai….4 saalon mein

sahi hai beta..


he he he … !!!

update ker liya

ab dual core hai



bas kar….


nah nah. .. !! costipation hai

bus kya car bhi nahi ker sakta

saale yeh sab save kar liya kar…aur post hi kar daala kar..


kisko kero

Indian postal department .. bekar hai

koi post kabhi destination pahunchti hai

wah wah



bas . itina dose kaafi hai

logon ko suiside kerne se bachane ke liye


dhanya waad..

aur apna status change kar…drame baaz


bahut kosish ker raha hoon

but koi line hi nahi deti ..

kab se single hoon




un logon ne bhi mere ko ban ker diya hai



suicide is d only option



he he he ..




bbye …

stay safe ..

saale DO SAFE πŸ˜€

not stay


nahi re

to do safe, always do jhaadi ke peeche !!


Sent at 2:01 PM on Wednesday

And since then frenzy is numb … poor sole …

PS: – Joined the club of lazy bloggers.

PS: — Dropped AMS, (2 – HSSM n 1-BTP) what a life!!

PS: — saw chak de,… ok flick. Finally, one movie defying sports = cricket.

PS: —- Shivaji going to be released in Japanese, Chinese and Hindi. Hope It’ll not be a catastrophe like Aparichit, for shankar.

PS: —– song of the week :- jaane bhi de – Heyy baby

PS: —— Next post – “Batch trip 3rd day”

PS: ——- OK Bye!!