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Moments of 20-20 !!

25 Sep

First … well!! India won … yheee !! Shouted at hight pitch i could yesterday and I don’t think my throat hurt any more …

It started with Pakistan and ended with them … kudos to Indian team .. never lost a single World-Cup match against PAK be it 50-50 or 20-20.

1st WIN :- India vs Pak, Durban, September 14, 2007

Robin Uthappa led India’s recovery with a fifty off 39 balls after Mohammad Asif tore through India’s top order.

Dinesh Karthik tried hard but missed shaid afridi’s catch.

Celebration after misbah-ul-haq got run out an match got tied

Winning hit …. bowled out .. !!

2nd WIN :- India vs England, Durban, Sep 19, 2007

Virender Sehwag made 68 out of 59 balls

Unforgettable 6-SIXes from Yuvraj and fastest 50 in 20-20… in 19th over, after a little emotion exchange with Flintoff.

Love this expression on the Flintoff’s face …

Paul Collingwood smashed by RP Singh.

Harbhajan Singh pulls off a brilliant boundary-edge catch to dismiss Luke Wright off the penultimate ball

And so India won .. !!

3rd WIN : India vs SA , Kingsmead, Durban, on 20 September 2007

Rohit Sharma with Dhoni pulled India out of miseries, and got himself Man of the match

R P Singh, showed Pollock way to pavilion as soon as he reached the ground.

India made its way to Semi-finals, Disappointed Makhaya Ntini

4th WIN: Australia v India, Durban, September 22, 2007

Yuvraj Singh blasts his way to another blitzkrieg half-century made 70 out of 38 deliveries. And of course longest six 119 m.

message for Rohit Sharm, if he didn’t see it … while wasting time playing.

Sreesanth gives Matthew Hayden a send-off

And India scored a 15-run win over Australia … shoo … kangaroo !!

5th WIN : India v Pakistan at Johannesburg, Sep 24, 2007

Gautam Gambhir took India out of Boiling water with his innings of 75 from 54 balls

RP Singh sends Kamran Akmal on his way for a duck

Irfan Pathan grabbed two wickets in an over as India held their nerve to win the ICC World Twenty20 final by five runs

Pouring emotions : Victory Celebration at the end of the ICC World Twenty20 final

All of this was for this .. !!

TWO Things made this world cup different from others …

Young and inexperienced and more aggressive than before … won the world cup over experienced players.

And of course the idea of having cheer leaders ….

PS: – Before I forget … All pics courtesy

PS: — Took 6 hours to compile this one.

PS: — Yhe India won India won …

PS: —- For me Midsem-2 lasted 1:30 hrs .. I was a free man when i walked out of class room at 10:00 AM – 24th sep.

PS: —– Did i say .. Shark TV rocks .. !! It does, but not on wireless.

PS: —— Song of the week – Roya re – Dhoka

PS : ——- Suffering from potter fever … !! .. J. K. Rowling is best fantasy writer.

PS: ——– Oww god! plz burn all those feet which tries to hit me tonight (say no to bumps) .

PS: ——— ~: THE END :~ !! … filmy … very filmy … !!

the post that will make u say “the writer’s great”

16 Sep

PS :- Forgot Keser’s Birthday. But, made up by celebrating it next day.
PS :– I have been listening to “The girl in Byakkoya-Susumu Hirasawa” a Japanese song these days. juss love it …

PS :— Dosa plaza rocks … everyone should try it at least once.

PS :—- Started reading editorial, n found them rather interesting a good analysis of story making news.

PS :—– now about the title, well u already did it .. rite .. while reading the title .. didn’t u? 😀

PS :—— Go on! break this monitor.

PS :——- if u haven’t till now, then have a nice day … :sadistic laugh:!!

Four reason why ? could be wife of !

7 Sep

So the question was why do I think “?” could be wife of “!” ?


well the reasons are : –


1. wife keeps on asking questions (?)


husband always give surprising (!) answers.


2. It’s a well known fact, that to reach a certain destination (.) say buying a goody

for a guy ..its just go get it (!)

for gals …. lets roam around see what all is there then we’ll buy it (?)


3. male says .. Hey baby!

female answers … ghar pe maa behen nahi hai kya ?


4. Last and the most important is “?” has curves and “!” don’t 😀



PS: – plz comment if u have any other reason.

PS: — Contradictions are welcomed too.

PS: — song of the week – nach le – Aggar.

PS: —- [Life] innovative ways of doing BC every day …

PS: —– A stay dog has regularly been howling in front of sica’s room since four nights.

PS: —— can any one please tell me… who let the dogs out?

PS: ——- End of ps, end of post,

Oh my lovely readers leave a comment n get lost.

PS: ——– thats what other bad bad bloggers says … so if u r an aspiring blogger… remember not to do that 😀

PS: ——— Here is me, the goodie goodie bugger …. I mean blogger .. signing off … saying talli hoo !!

स्वयं लिखी कु्छ पुरानी कवितायेँ !!

3 Sep

(For Devnagri(hindi script) :- use IE or Opera to read)

आज अपने कमरे कि सफाई करते समय, अनायस ही मेरे हात मेरी पुरानी, धूल मैं सनी किताब लगीपन्ने पलटते हुए, मेरी दृष्टि, अपने द्वारा लिखी हुई कुछ पुरानी कविताओं पर गयी

अचानक यह तीन वर्ष सदियों कि तरह लगने लगेखैर, उन्ही मैं से दो को मैंने यहाँ जगह दे दी

( aaj apne kamre ki safayi kerte samay, anayas hi mera haat meri purani, dhool main sani kitab lagi । panne platte hue, meri drishti, apne dwara likhi hui kucch purani kavitaon per gayi।

achanak yeh teen varsh sadiyon ki tarah lagne lage। khair, unhi main se do ko main yahan jagah de di। )
। । जाने कहॉ । ।

जाने कहॉ चलता जा रह हूँ,
रह का तो ध्यान नही है
अपनी तारीफ सबको देता हूँ ,
जबकि मेरी कोई पहचान नही है

देखा बहुत कुछ ,
चाहा कुछकुछ
पर सबकुछ पाने,
का अरमान नही है

दिल मैं हैं कुच्छ इच्छाएं,
चाहता हूँ कुच्छ केर दिखाएँ
पर अभी तक मन से जरी
हुआ यह फरमान नही है

झुक कर प्रणाम किया बडों को,
इज़्ज़त दी है मैंने सबको
पर किसी के लिए मन मैं ,
मेरे झूठा सम्मान नही है

हर मोड़ पे हर कदम पर,
इंतज़ार है हमसफ़र का
पर मेरी जिन्दगी मैं ,
आया वो मेहमान नही है

ख्वाहिश है सबसे प्यार कि,
चाहता हूँ बाटना सबको प्यार
पर मेरे पास प्यार वाला ,
cupid का तीर कमान नही है

कहना बहुत कुच्छ है,
पर शब्द नही मिल रहे
अखिर हर बात को शब्दों मैं,
पिरो पाना आसान नही है

( । । jaane kahan। ।

Jane kahan chalta jaa raha hoon,
raha ka to dyahan nahi hai
Apni tarif sabko deta hoon ,
jabki meri koi pehchan nahi hai

Dekha bahut kuch ,
chaha kuch-kuch
per sabkuch pane,
ka armaan nahi hai

Dil main hain kucch ichhayen,
chahata hoon kucch ker dikhayen
per abhi tak man jari
hua yhe farman nahi hai

Jhuk ker pranam kiya badoon ko,
Izzat di hai maine sabko
per kisi ke liye man main ,
mere jhootha samman nahi hai

Har mod pe har kadam per,
intezaar hai hamsafar ka
per meri zindagi main ,
aaya vo mehman nahi hai

Kwahish hai sabse pyar ki,
chahata hoon baatna sabko pyar
per mere paas pyar vala ,
cupid ka teer kamaan nahi hai

Kehna bahut kucch hai,
par shabd nahi mil rahe
akhir har baat ko sabdoon main,
piro paana aasaan nahi hai


। । मैं । ।

चलता कहीँ को हूँ,
पहुंच कहीँ जाता हूँ मैं

जो चाहा वो नहीं मिल,
जो मिला उसे चाह नहीं पाता हूँ मैं

कभी सबसे बेशर्म,
कभी खुद से शरमाता हूँ मैं

कर देता हूँ परयों को क्षमा,
कभी अपनों से झगड़ जाता हूँ मैं

कभी बहुत हूँ मितभाषी,
कभी वाचाल बन जाता हूँ मैं

मेरा ह्र्यद्य क्या चाहता है,
बस यही समझ नही पाता हूँ मैं

कहते हैं वो
मुझे समझना सरल नहीं,
बस इसी बात पर
उनसे एकमत हो पाता हूँ मैं

( । । main । ।

chalta kahin ko hoon,
pahunch kahin jaata hoon main ।

jo chaha vo nahin mila,
jo milaa use chah nahin paata hoon main ।

kabhi sabse besharm,
kabhi khud se sharmata hoon main ।

ker deta hoon parayon ko kshma,
kabhi apno se jhagad jaata hoon main ।

kabhi bahut hoon mitbhashi,
kabhi vaachal ban jaata hoon main ।

mera hrydya kya chahta hai,
bas yahi samajh nahi paata hoon main ।

kehte hain vo
mujhe samajhna saral nahin,
bas isi baat per
unse ekmat ho paata hoon main
। )

PS :- ADZAP मैं प्रथम पुरस्कार मिलासन्डे कार्निवल rocks। (stood 1st in AD-ZAP (me, chauhan, vajpai & harry), and participated in other events too… all in all … this Sunday carnival was fun)

:– BTP viva निकट, मेरा बुरा समय प्रारम्भ हो चुक है । (BTP viva on 10th, what am i gonna do 😦 )

PS :— क्या कोई हमारे मेस्स्कोम्स को दाल और सब्जी के बीच मैं अंतर बता सकता है। (can any one explain our messcoms the difference b/w pulses and vegetable curry).
PS :—- अखिर कार एक अच्छा FPS गेम खेलने कि मेरी इच्छा पूरी हुई। (finally, i found a good FPS game, which work on my PC )

PS :—– हम हिंग्लिश के कितने आदि हैं, यह आभास मुझे अब हो रह है। (Now I realized how addicted we are to Hinglish)

PS :—— अच्छा बंधुओं, नमस्ते !! (Ok Bye)