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tag tag !!

17 Feb

Got tagged by Himank .

So, here it goes …

A living person whom I would like to meet – Robin Williams.

A dead person whom I would like to meet – one who tasted potassium cyanide.

An event in the history I would like to change – discovery of wheel. That was the reason when this research and all started 😦 . We were better off ;)!!

An event in history I would like to witness – the time when Dinosaur exists.

A movie which I would like to witness in real life without being a part of it – Titanic.

A literary character I would like to meet – Abel Rosnovski from Jeffery archers “Kane and Abel”.

PS-> last two days were one of the busiest in my entire life..

PS–> Didn’t sleep properly since last 4 nights … result .. caught out by fever.

PS—> Hope to get well by tomorrow …. have a lot of work to finish.

PS—-> Thanks to Vajpai and Chauhan for doing my EW assignment.

PS—–> about the event i wanna change .. tht was just a frustoo taking …. actually i m pleased that wheel was invented coz flying is too costly.

EM class …. masti ki paathshaala

15 Feb

This post is dedicated to saini and handa ..

undermentioned is a the out come of the hard work of these two guys …

so, in their words ..

Today we enjoyed today’s EM class and came forward with some new
poems, shers and lots more….
so here goes the list ..

1: DC ko block kar sake, ye sysadmin me dum nahi,
Wo ek port block kare, Port hamare paas kam nahi. [Saini]

2: Golu ka banaya gaya mid sem pada mujh par bhari

Sadiyon me sadi , PArag Sadi.. [Saini]

Tabhi lord class me pecchey i seat chhod kar aage aa gaya aur B N Rajesh
ke paas baith gaya ..Jo aajkal Ganja hai aur so bhi raha tha..

3: Lord to seat chhod kar aage aaya, Padhne ke liye,
Par B N ne samjha ki wo aaya, Mujhey Tel chopadne ke liye.. [Saini]

4: Padhne ke liye agle bench pe Lord jo gaya,
B N to Darr ke maare badi lambi neend so gaya.
Uhta ek jhatke me , mujhey laga ye padhne laga,
Lekin chand hi minuton me fir neend se ladne laga. [Handa]

5. (removed by author) 😀 !!

6: Lord EM ki theory me kitna kho gaya.
Udhar rajesh dekho kitni baar uth kar fir so gaya.
Rishi bhi kuchh kam nahi,Golu ko dekh kar use dard hota hai.
Saala itna kamina hai usi ki class me chhup kar sota hai.. [Handa]

Tabhi maine galati se prof ke lecture ki ek line sun li

7: For the previous case Gamma was -1(minus one).
Aur ab aur padhne ka nahi kar raha mera man.. [saini]

So that’s all for today..
See you with next edtion..

Saini and Handa

PS-> if u don’t know, lord @nks 🙂
PS–> midsems finished … endsem’s timetable released !! After crossing the river, i m able to see the ocean now …
PS—> last midsem 6:30-8:00 assignment deadline next morning 7:30. 😮 !!
PS—-> Our EMT prof made new record .. gave 21 questions in 1.5 hrs paper , n each question had 2-3 parts an average . almost … 45 questions !!
PS—–> 2 project deadlines near , 3 assignments , 2 events organize , 2 performance prep 4 felicity .. !! i m a dead meat …

Life n stuff ….

7 Feb


This post is about Life which is actually the life mailing list, and the stuff m talking bout is my bicycle…

I m writing this post coz m really really pissed off. The reasons…

1. Have to sell my brand new bicycle.

2. 4 day are over still my mail to life is not been delivered.

3. Midsems just before felicity !!

4. And some random blah blah reasons…


Well now, I don’t I have any other option then spamming the ug n pg mail boxes.

Anyways, it might sound little … , but if any one is interested in buying my bicycle plz post a comment to this post 🙂 .

It costs me around 3K .. but m ready to give it for say aroung 2.5 K or some thing ..

Shows my desperation haan !! well, m about to get a better two wheeler in exchange \:D/ .. !!


PS :-


Nope not this time …