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Robocamp: my comments on volunteers !!

29 May

So, finally it’s over. Ya, I m talking about Robocamp.

After 4 fussy days, here I m ultimately sitting on my chair n writing this ie. my comments on all the volunteers involved in the workshop.

Kriti Garg : I think without her this workshop wouldn’t be possible. I use to think that every one in the world has a threshold of doing work. After crossing that limit every one goes mad. But I think god has forgotten to set that threshold limit for her. I have always seen her working, with a smile on her face.

Saini : He was most appreciated guy during the whole workshop, n he deserves that. You should have listened to the clap when his name was called upon the stage for certificate.

Sugandha : This guy took care of every stuff (specially gals 😉 – according to one feedback we got). If Kirti was brain he was cerebral cortex of administrative volunteers because if anything is to be done, there are two names to be called either Kirti or Sugandh.

G Anand : The microcontroller champ. This guy has a lot of stamina to listen to the weird ideas of groups’ n them making program for it. If he wouldn’t be they I guess half the projects couldn’t have worked.

Aziz : you can interpret his dedication by knowing the fact that he met an accident a day or two before and sow him still working today with a bandage on his hand.

KTN : who patiently listened to the problems n solved then out (found on feedback wall).

And also he was taking care of all the non-male tyros of robotics (he he he !! competition to sugandh).

And also I should not forget the contribution of vidhyasagar (for media coverage) n jagpreet. Because of these five(kirti, vidyasagar, jagpreet, sugandh, aziz), everything went so smoothly.

And our friends rishi , ankul and ankur they did a great job, they all were so dedicate to there work. Specially handa, he came for the workshop even he was sick.

Because of the efforts of all of these guys (and me :D) n people I forgot to mention, this workshop became a huge success.

Ps: All those who applied for voulnteership n didn’t come are not going to get their T’shits >:p .

seriously there where doulble the people enrolled. but at the time of work they just vanished. Is this is what we are here for ?

I m preparing the small report of the workshop will be up by tonight :D.

shortest blog !!

27 May

thts it !! its over

dont read this post !!

25 May

Plz don’t read this.

Come on da !! m telling ya , u’ll find nothing in it.

You are not listening to me. I swear, there’s nothing in this post.

You are still reading. Is it that hard to understand what I am saying.

See, still not listening. Ok go ahead waste your time.

Why should I care bout it ? look! I am not saying anything. But you !! you are continuously reading this piece of junk.

Well I loose, cant convince you. It is impossible to convince you. Hey, is there any one who can make this chap stop reading this .

no one !! hunn ???

Ok enough is enough!! I’ll count till 10 n hope you would have stopped by then.












Onnnhh !! still there. You are so adamant. What should I do to make u leave reading this post.

Well m not doing any thing.

You go ahead. Keep on reading it.

I m leaving, I wish I would be able to see your face, when you realize that you had wasted your 10 min unnecessarily.

Well I told ya before.

He he he !!!

Take care :p