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Are you free ?

25 Jun



18 Jun

I was tagged by Karan and Ayesha, btw thanks a lot for the tag … one of the most fun tag I got to do in long time.

So, here goes …

Q: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
A: If I were a woman, I’ll definitely marry this handsome … 😛

Q: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?
A: Rs. 2264.5

Q: What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
A: bhor भोर (morning)

Q: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
A: some named 04066977450

Q: What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
A: Which ever freaks out my colleagues more.

Q: What are you wearing right now?
A: Formal shirt, blue jeans, sport shoes, white vest, brown underwear and a grin on my face after grossing you out.

Q: Do you label yourself?
A: I m a man not a grocery item.

Q: Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own?
A: Adidas, Lee Cooper and a local shoe company from Agra.

Q: Bright or Dark Room?

A: Dark obviously, “jai tamraj kilvish
Q: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?

A: well both of tham are a gr8 peepal and I wanna to make frndships wid them …

Q: What does your watch look like?
A: skin colored, with hairs on it …Oh Damn! I forgot to wear my watch

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
A: either I was watching “Life is beautiful” or I was watching …. Ammm.. nothing …  I was watching nothing …

Q: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
A: Arz kiya hai ….

Agar aapki shakal gadhe se milti hai,

agar aapki shakal gade se milti hai…

To ismain gadhe ki kya galti hai …


Why am I friends with these people

Q: What’s a word that you say a lot?
A: Well, I donno …

Q: Who told you he/she loved you last? (please exclude spouse , family, children)
A: A close friend

Q: Last furry thing you touched?
A: no way I m answering that …

Q: Favorite age you have been so far?
A: call-age … I mean college

Q: What was the last thing you said to someone?
A: “hello neighbor”, to my colleague

Q: The last song you listened to?
A: Ayo Technology – milow

Q: Where did you live in 1987?
A: in a house made of bricks and cement.

Q: Are you jealous of anyone?
A: Yes, and its Sam Anderson, I wish I could look like him, walk like him, dance like him just be like him.

Q: Is anyone jealous of you?

A: How would I know?

Q: Name three things that you have on you at all times?
A: A mobile with most annoying ringtone, A wallet with stuff stuffed much more than its capacity and fresh futta (PJ) in mind.

Q: What’s your favorite town/city?
A: townies at felicity

Q: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
A: 6th September, 2005.

Q: Can you change the oil on a car?
A: Sure I can…   BTW … car is the one with four wheels right ?

Q: Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
A: She’s very busy.

Q: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
A: yeh, my knee…probably coz, I’ve been thinking a lot writing this post.

Q: What is your current desktop picture?
A: My Idol, Dr. Evil’s

Q: Have you been burnt by love?
A: I’ve been burnt, but I wouldn’t call that love.



ok its my turn now pass on the tag … so I tag,


Sultan of samarkand long time no post…

Vani serious or hilarious

Kido I really want to see your take on it

sica Stop hibernating … and post some thing

and every one else who have not been tagged….

You’ve got a mail

10 Jun

It’s been more than a year since i’ve left IIIT hyphen H. Well, college days are over now, and can’t fold this time plane to reach the same place.

Out of innumerous things I miss about the place, tullu mails are one of them. I still remember the Gali-mama/Aazad time, people used to wait eagerly for the next mail to arrive, to find who the new victim is? well, Apart from the Azaad series there were some other small scale tullu mails.

Ok! to clear things off … A small trivia … the name tullu mail was coined by the mail sender’s only. In their early phase most of such mails use to have the same content “I am the biggest tullu of IIIT”. So the word tullu caught up with the “mail” suffix and we got a general term called tullu mail.

Here’s an example of a typical tullu mail

Subject:      Hi Guys and Gals ….
From:      “N***N T***I” <n***>
Date:      Wed, August 31, 2005 11:30 pm
Priority:      Normal
Options:      View Full Header |  View Printable Version  | Download this as a file  | View Message details

Hi ppl,

As you all know I am N***n-DOUBT-T***i …
I am superman because I wear my underwear over my pants .. 😀
Wheee. ….
Its a bird , its a plane ….   No….  Its n***n — da SUPERMAN

so bye take care and if you have any problem remember ur Superman .

Love to all …

Counter-terrorist….. The SuperMan.


They are always fun to read… But as it’s evident, they are composed by someone but the mail ID owner. Though sometimes people knowingly send some mails, which are more amusing than these tullu mails, like this one …


from : ********
to :

Dear Mr. ANKUR HANDA please meet me immediately for head examination.

Also a student has taken my PEN and not returned it. This is a very SERIOUS matter. Return it immediately or I will take up the issue with the DEAN.



And this just a tiniest part of thy awesomeness.

But this one takes the cake …


From: V***** ******* <v*************>
Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 3:56 PM
Subject: [All] 2 interesting movies

I have added 2 movies to share and am of the opinion that students and
faculty alike would find them interesting

Immortal Beloved
This is a biographical movie on the life of the great classical music
composer Ludvig van Beethoven

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life
This is a biographical movie on the life of the author Ayn Rand, she wrote
many bestsellers like “Atlas Shrugged”, “Fountainhead”, etc. In addition
to that, she was the founder of the school of philosophy known as,

My nick on DC is V****

V**** *****
MS By Research

All mailing list


And it was followed by this …


From: V**** ***** <v********>
Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 2:47 PM
Subject: [All] Fwd: Even God has a Sense of Humour!!

*Even God has a Sense of Humor!!*

God was in the process of creating the universe.
And he was explaining to his subordinates “Look everything should be in
balance. For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion.

Look here my fellow angels, here is the country of the United States.
I have blessed them with prosperity and money.
But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension….

And here is Africa. I have given them beautiful nature.
But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes.

And here is South America. I have given them lots of forests.
But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would have
to cut off the forests…
So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.

One of the angels asked…
“God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?”

God said……. “Ahah…that is the crown piece of all. “INDIA”,
My most precious creation.
It has understanding and friendly People.
Sparkling streams and serene mountains.
A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live.
Technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold…..

The angel was quite surprised:
“But god you said everything should be in balance.”

God replied — “Look at the neighbours I gave them.”




All mailing list


Well, first mail was informative and second was a little lame but what do you expect from a forward mail … and definitely non of them in any condition are supposed to be forwarded to all@iiit which, by the way includes faculty, students and staff member …

I remember sending a test mail once to students account, then Sysadmin blocked my account immediately, I don’t know what happened to this poor guy’s account.



PS: – Please don’t call me sadistic … I did remove the names.

PS: — Although at least every one at college already know the true identity of the sender.

PS: — Leaving for bangalooru this weekend for a pseudo-reunion.

Asking Google

1 Jun

Just asking google what kind of questions Indian net surfers ask it…

1. Why ?


obvious … recession or not … MBA is THE big thing in India …

2. Who ?


maximum searched question after “who india”(what kind of question is it anyway) is “who am i?” that make sense ask the damn machine… human brain is busy watching the TV series like rodies … which apparently is also among the suggestions …

3. Which ?


And the rodies fever continues … definitely who got slapped by certain clown in some shitty reality show is definitely worth finding out…

4. Where ?


And people are looking for …  either god or ramalinga raju …

5. When ?


I have a feeling, for indian IT junta probably google is an alternative for the future predicting baba … where is god, when will i get married, when will i die …

6. What ?


Asking internet using internet … what is internet … naaice

7. How ?

how_1jun09How to get pregnant … srsly dude … ?

PS:- Trying hard to increase my blogging frequency ….

PS:– BTW shifted to Indira Nagar, Gachbowli …

PS:— Now looking for a roommate …

PS:—- Eligibility criteria … should be some one i know … 😀