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about the movie and the song!!

28 Jun

The Movie :

Well !! there is nothing much to write about this movie or this guy … just found these pics some where … couldn’t resist my self from pasting them here…

See how’s junta going Ga Ga over a crappy moive featuring 57 yr old man with a 24 yr old girl.

The Song :

just love this song.

video :-

Darine – Aiwa

Audio :-

(the first song on the list)

PS:- 8 day left … 😦

PS:– Soon will be in final year!

PS:— Wtf!! 3 yr over aan ??

PS:—- It has been about a week since i have seen the sun.

PS:—– Song of the week obviously AIWA – Darine

PS:—— I just PS to say …. thr no more PS 🙂

n(m)+k(f)=metro family

26 Jun


Weird  title isn’t it… well read on … u’ll understand why !!


I visited a friend few days ago, some one from school. It has been 6 months since he landed in Hyderabad. Any ways that isn’t the matter of concern. The strange thing I noticed was that he was living with one other guy any three girls. This isn’t the only case I saw guys n gals living together.


Well!! After having some quality time, I headed back to the college. During the whole luxurious auto journey, I was thinking about it. Don’t be shocked, sometimes I think!

Anyways I was thinking of the possible reasons why gals prefer to live with guys in spite of their untidiness and indolence. Similarly, guys are preferring gals despite of their fastidious and authoritative behavior. Did I go to far … nah!!


So, I thought of possible reasons, for gals …


1. Safety: This was the first point struck my mind. Obviously, having guys in the house makes it safer, unless one of them one them turn into a blood sucking vampire.


2. Money: I think gals can save their money for household stuff and some of theirs. Ok ok, please don’t … It was just a thought!!


3. Moral support: Don’t think I have to explain this one.


4. Advises: Well! I m sure bout this one, coz one my friend told me this. Advise on all the guy stuff psychology n all.


5. Don’t really have a fifth point … just made it up … coz 5 looks cool!!


Hmm, now coming to guys…


1. Advises: Obviously the first point had head on collision with my head. So, what I had … I mean what I was saying that one need Vibhishana to conquer Ravana. Didn’t mean it literally Ravana was just a metaphor.


2. Moral Support: Yah! The same moral support, the thing which guys seek from mother or sister or … Actually emotions don’t flow very well through the phone lines, u need to have direct connection.


3. Housekeeping: It’s a well known fact that gals have a thing for cleanliness and maintaining house tip-top. Which guys can exploit.


4. Access: You got dumped! Don’t worry, now you can hit on any of your flatmates friend. How cool is that!


5. Didn’t I mention it before … 5 looks cool!!






PS :- Its 5:50 AM, finished my 3rd night out of this week.


PS:– A lot of stuff happened in last few days, like I changed my jeans, Akash got busted and Keser! Well, he finished another season of some crappy Japanese anime and saini is back to the institute.


PS:— Finished century of comments on one post. You know which one.


PS:—- Confused bout taking OS next sem, any suggestions?


PS:—– You know it … five looks koooool !!

me … the poet ..!!

20 Jun

As everyone is trying their hands on poetry .. i thought of pulishing some of mine… actually one of mine ..

i worte it long time back … guess i was in 8th tht time …

neways njoy the poem…

NOTE:- use Internet Explorer … !!

एक दिन सुबह सवेरे
टहलने निकले हम घर से,
टहलना तो बहाना था
चोव्राहे के हलवाई से
जलेबी कचोडीं जो खाना था
मन था प्रफुल्लित
गुनगुना रहे थे गाना !!

तभी सामने से हुआ
एक फटे हाल प्राणी का आना,
अरे यह तो हैं IBA के हेड
अभी तक तो फील good था हमें
अब होने लगा फील bad

उनको देख कर हम घबराने लगे
पॄआण गले तक आने लगे
ढून्द्ने लगे पतली गली भागने को,
सोच रहे थे Idea पैसे बचने को,
पर हाय रे फूटी किस्मत
उन्होने हमें देख लिया
और आकर हमको घेर लिया

अब हम असहाय थे खडे
तभी वह बोल पडे
जिस भगवान् को मानते हो भैया
उसी के नाम पेर दे दो एक रुपैया

हमने बात को टाला
एक जुमला उछाला
बोलेमाफ़ कर दो भाई
सुनते ही उनकी आँखें निकल आयीं
बोलेमाफ़ तो हम कर देंगे
पर पहले रोकड़ा लेंगे

जब पीछा छूटता ना दिखा तो
हमने बात को और टाला
एक और dialogue डाला
बोले – “पैसे रहे उधर
बाद मैं ले लेना यार

इस बात पर वो भड़के
बोले – ” तभी तो हैं हम क्ड़्के
इसी कारण तो हमारा
बँटा धार हो gaya है
इस पांच दुस रुपये कि उधरी में
अभी तक लाखों का नुकसान हो गया है !!”
PS:- I know i know… it ends with the most common fatta .. of tht time….

PS:– My, first Non-senti poem …

PS:— Last post … created a big debate .. which is still goin on ..!!

PS:—- 2000 visitors in last 5 days. all thanks to Dataquest … !!

PS:—– Came across this uber kewl flash game  KISSMAT .. just try it out.

PS:—— There are few more crappy poems in store, but i thought one slow poisioning is better then sudden death :p.

PS:——- About the post on bet … will write it as soon as I get my hands over the pics … :D!!

PS:——– End of the PS..

PS:——— End of the post

Dataquest-IDC survey of T-school in India – 2007

14 Jun

After India-today and outlook, here is The Dataquest ranking of engineering colleges. Well as soon as I saw the mail today that rankings are out I packed my stuff and left for library :D. I was hoping that I won’t get my hands on the issue, but by the Almighty’s grace, I found it lying there.

Here, is the list of top 20 Engineering Colleges along with their scores and last year’s rank.

Rank 2007



2006 rank


IIT- Khadagpur




IIT- Madras








IIT- Delhi












IIT- Kanpur




















NIT Trichi








Jadavpur Unversity




NIT- Calicut












Thapar University











The Parameters were:- Campus placements, infrastructure, academic environment and industry interface.



Miscellaneous aspects of the survey:-

1. IIIT-H stood 5th in placements, behind 4 IITs viz. Kgp, Guwahati, Roorkee, Madras.

2. The highest salary offered this year was 45 lac per annum. By Schlumberger (world’s largest oilfield service corporation). And I was offered to a student of neither IIT nor NIT. But a student of Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology.

3. Highest salary offered by an IT company was 18 lac to a student of IIT-Kgp.

4. Another interesting point, I noted that Jadavpur university stood first, in the no. of students per batch. They have 850 final year students.

5. In IITs, Kgp has max 650 and Guwahati has min 209 students per batch.

6. Colleges which were gone missing

Anna university-TN, Bangal Engineering College, DCE, IIIT-Gwalior, NIT-suratka, NIT-jalandhar, NIT- raipur, PSG- coimbatore, PEC-chandigarh, VIT-vellore, VNIT-nagpur etc.

(reasons :- shared info late, gave incomplete info or refused to share info)

7. Book lists 117 top T-schools of India. They asked for data from 340 institutes.

8. For detailed info consult DQ’s latest issue.




PS :- I have observed that survey guys do lots of mistakes, like in Outlook they considered IIIT-H a government institute. And here in Dataquest survey they considered IIIT as part of IITs while ranking the non-IIT institutes.

PS:– Ironically NSIT stood 23 in the survey.

PS:— For the same academic year IIT-kanpur stood 1st and last among the IITs. What would u call that?

PS:—- For more details read the latest issue of Dataquest. It not up on net till now.

PS:—– Back to me.

PS:—— Lost a bet to Akash, will write about it in detail in the next post.

PS:——- song of the day Bol na halke halke – jhoom barabar jhoom

PS:——– finished 3 novels in 2 days. Isn’t a world record?

PS:——— end of post.

the pool, the water and the me !!

12 Jun

    Today will remain in my memories … always. Not because started working on a paper. Not because I bought an OSHO from library. Not because I went to swimming pool, first time riding my bicycle. But, because I lived to write this post then sinking into the water.


    Actually what happened is, I and avdesh went to swimming, (keser didn’t go … wasn’t feeling well!!). Avdesh swim at the deeper side of the pool. I being a rookie stay at 4-5 feet deep water. Today he asked me to come to his side. Well! I thought I should go into the deep water, some day I will swim there, why not today.


    And so I committed one of the million mistakes I have done in my life. I reached his side without any problem.


(hey wait wait wait, for all those who has never been to Gachibowli swimming pool, there are three pools , one for divers guess 15 feet deep, one 10 feet deep, and another for people like us depth form 3 feet to 10 feet)


    So, where was I? Yah! I reached his side i.e. 10 feet from 5 feet. I turned and start flapping my hands, but made one mistake didn’t push the wall behind. And so I lost my breath in between. Tried pull my head up and take air, but misfortune, and water flooded into my mouth. It was the one moment I was deep into water and couldn’t feel the floor. Then instead of going toward the equal depth side I switched the other way and start pushing my body towards the shallow side. This time, I was actually touching the floor.

One more thrush, and I was up and could take a breath. I started flapping my hands and finally reached the safer side where I was able to keep my head out of the water.


    Everything thing happened so abruptly that some people didn’t even noticed, and some were just standing their still watching me, with those weird eyed, (which were still locked on me till I was in the pool).


    Today was my 17th day at the pool. Will try swimming in the deep on 20th day, again. May god bless me! 😀



PS:- Started cycling again, from institute to gachibowli stadium. To and fro you know.

PS:– Read a graphic novel “corridor”, by some Indian writer don’t remember the name. I was ok, but not entertaining.

PS:— As I mentioned before stated reading OSHO, out of curiosity.

PS:—- Keser is back to his addiction of Japanese anime. May god bless him to.

PS:—– Akash looking for 4th …… u know what. May god bless him three.

PS:—— end of post.

PS:——- Not yet.

PS:——– If you haven’t listen to song called chakk de phattay – khosla ka ghosla

PS:——— Now over.

PS:———- Wait wait!! One thing I missed to mention that there was a trainer waiting near the pool to dive in and save me, if I fail to save myself.

PS:———– Now bbye.

A Frustoo kahani

11 Jun

Yesterday I received a mail from Mr. Anonymous saying :-

Lord baba,

Ek kahaani likhi thi maine 2nd year mein. Thodi ghisi-piti hai par acchi
lage to “anonymous author” karke post karde apne blog par. Mere naam mat
daliyo. Aur haan, batana zaroor kaisi lagi 😀

After enduring my stories, i think you guys can abide one more … !!


8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, the telephone rings

She : Yeah?
He : Hi!
She : Oh, hi! Where did you get my phone number from?
He : From P.
She : Oh okay. Ssup with you? Still in Delhi?
He : No, I’m in Bangalore. Just wanted to say hi!!
She : Yeah right! You made an international call to say hi?
He : Um, yeah kinda.
She : Okay, hi then!

A brief pause of 5 seconds

She : Are you going to say something?
He : Um, I don’t know. Didn’t have anything better to do, and it has been ages
since I heard your voice.
She : Yeah, its been 2 years.
He : So, how are you doing?
She : I’m good. New colleagues are cool. You know, I met this Indian guy at
the bar last night. He’s handsome, intelligent and has a great sense of
He : Oh really? Good for you!
She : I’m gonna ask my friend to set him me up for a date tomorrow.
He : Cool. Hey, listen. I gotta go. Its dinner time here and I gotta run some
She : Allright. And you stay in touch. Keep e-mailing me. May be we can set up
a video conference sometime.
He : Yeah sure, that would be great.
She : Ciao.

2:00 AM, Indian Standard Time

He : Hey, its me again.
She : Um, yeah. Listen, can you call me later. I have a meeting in 10 mins.
He : I won’t take more than 10 mins.
She : Allright. Shoot!
He : How long have I known you?
She : 6 years
He : And for 6 long years I couldn’t gather enough balls to say this. I know
that you wouldn’t want to come back after all that happened here. I
know that I might not see your face ever again, I might not look into
those dark, dreamy eyes ever. Yet, I ask you for this chance. Give us a
chance, A!
She : I don’t know what to say.
He : I committed this one mistake and I don’t want to pay for it forever. I
should have told you this earlier. You might have changed your mind.
She : Yes, I might have. But now I have a life. I was insecure, S! I was
insecure with you. I wanted you to sort out your life before we came
together. I didn’t want to burden you. I didn’t want to come between
you and your career.
He : Career? I was about to graduate. I got an offer in NYC. Everything was
perfect. What are you talking about?
She : What happened to all the MS applications then?
He : I changed my mind. I got a job. Then, I didn’t get any funding either.
She : Why didn’t you go to NYC?
He : I wanted to be with you.
She : You left a job in NYC for me? And I hadn’t a clue! God, you’re such a
He : Call me whatever you want! I don’t care.
She : Of course, you don’t care! You don’t care about anybody. You know what?
I thought you wanted to go for grad studies here. I was willing to
wait. But you never showed up! You didn’t even send me an e-mail. All
this while, I thought you would come back in a couple of years. You
were off the circuit for such a long time. Nobody knew where you were!
He : I was in Bangalore. Didn’t have any friends from college here.
She : And now you call me, when I’ve left Delhi for good, never to return.
Do you know why I took up a job here? I came here to look for you.

(breaks down)

Nobody had a clue where you were. I got the address of a startup in NYC
from K. He said you might have joined them. I couldn’t find their phone
number. K also told me of an opening at a nearby place and I flew down here.
I went looking for you everywhere – Buffalo, Rochester, Manhattan.
I even went to New Jersey. I went where ever they have field offices!!

He : Come back!
She : Its too late now. I don’t want to get hurt again. I had forgotten you.
He : (silence)
She : Moreover, I like my job. I have made good friends here. I have nothing
in India.

Line disconnects.

He : You still have me!

And so ends the tale of a spineless lover who lost his love forever.



PS:- Hmmm!! Not bad !! Mr. Anonymous, you could be writer …

PS:– Had lunch at google today… courtesy Saurabh.

PS:— song of the week :- mausam – the train

PS:—- you can stop reading now !!


A tryst with the destiny !!

9 Jun



Namste, you?

You don’t know me, I m you late husband’s friend.

I knew all of his friends, but you?

We never got a chance to meet actually.


How are you?

Me, as usual!

How are the kids?

They are good!!

How are you daughters?

Well!! Both of them are married, have their own family to take care of. You know na! So many responsibilities, but they do visit me every year.

What bout you son?

Arun? Mmm… he has lot of work you know. His boss can’t even breathe without him. But he always makes time for me. He visit me very often, he is not like those lousy kids of those old guys who don’t even care if their parents are alive or dead.

So, you are not old?

I didn’t say that? But you are as old as you feel, and whenever I m with my grandchildren I feel much much younger.

When is last time you met them?

Oh!! Few weeks back I guess.

Hmm.. You have grown old.

No I m not. I am as young as an … mmmm… mm… as an … I don’t remember the word. But I m not old.

Exactly that’s what I was saying.

That I m not old.

No, that your memory has gone weak. You have started imagining things.

What are you saying?

Listen!! No one, no one has visited you since past 3 years.

3 years?

Anyways I have to leave.

Hmm.. Good to see you! Good bye.

What good bye? You are coming with me?

Eh? But they don’t allow us to go with strangers.

I m no stranger. I m you husband’s friend remember! And he has sent me here to take you to him.


Yes! Mrs. Pal! Come on its time to go now.

Oh! But I want to spend my last minutes with my own.

We are going to them only and they are up there. Not here … not in this world!!


 PS:- switching from wit to senti… 😀

PS:– Loosing interest in  BTP work… 😦

PS:— Didn’t know all of my senior friends will turn “kanjoos” … no even a single treat this time. X(

PS:—- life sucks …. but zindagi rocks …

Back to track

4 Jun

Howdy people,

Back to IIIT!! Started project work.


mmm… Let’s see what I did these holidays …

  1. Gave farewell to Gwalior city.
  2. Packed all the stuff.
  3. Moved to Delhi.
  4. Attended a family function after 3 years.
  5. N yah Fell in love with ………… Delhi.


Guess that’s all I did (which was worth mentioning).


PS :- Delhi metro rocks.

PS :– I hate Anu kapoor and Anu malik.

PS :— Hats off to hyderbadi’s, no disorder after the macca blast.

PS :—- fool n final … sucks big time.

PS :—– Next will be some sensible post.