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The Legendary Weekend

18 Apr

So, I was going through news paper yesterday … came across this …

And the memories of last weekend came flashing by ….



My weekend started with friday the 9th, with me taking a day off from work …. The Whole day spent lazying around at home … and evening going on a ride to Secundrabad and back… Best day ever ….

Saturday Started no different, woke up at 12:00 PM … got the house cleaned … spent 3.5 hours washing clothes … These are the times I wish I was a nudist

Realized, the meetup of GHAC is in 1 hour, and I’ve not even had shower …

Quick …. woosh …. and I was there on time ….

Honestly … the meet was super bore …. may coz i wasn’t part of most of those trek … but yeh one kid wrote really really good poem ….

Anyway … to my rescue, one of my friend called me… and asked if we can hit the club that night … I was a bit reluctant and tired in the beginning (What the hell for …. donno !! )  Couldn’t refuse …. though …

So, ended up in B&C, total waste of 2 hours … the imported DJ’s were no good, waiting till 11:15 PM … Had some thing and finally left for 10D.

Which was far better … for it’s being the Bollywood night ….

Half an hour …. and the police showed up … it wasn’t even 12 … lights on … no music … go home … 😦

But of course my friends decided to check out some other place … and we ended up at Touch. Police was vacating the place …. and hippest crowd of the city was leaving …

But great sandhoo ji … has some contacts …. and we managed to get in the private party of some actor called navdeep (through the kitchen :D).

And so… we danced till 3:30 AM …. first in a Hyderabad Club. I donno many telugu movie stars … but i did recognize Allu Arjun there. And to my surprise, i was much taller than him … 😀

Hungry at 3:30 AM …. headed directly to Ameerpet Dosa joint … Idli with chutney never tasted this good

Reached home, at 4:30 AM … there was a trek at 5:30 AM … Thought of staying awake and making it to the trek … but one tiny nap lasted for 7 hours …

Still managed to reach Univercell Hyderabad Meet in time …. It was great fun … Met himank, abhishek and vatasal there too. Of course i m not going to pakoofy you with more details of the meet … you can check this for that.

Snacks were good BTW …

PS: there were certain more awesome things bout the weekend, but ….

Avatar-3D Pack for Home viewing

1 Apr

Avatar 2 disc Blue ray is going to be released by April 22, 2010 in the market. Although, in Feb 2010, the speculations of 3-D version of Avatar coming out for regular VCD/DVD/Blue Ray players was denied.

Looks like with the current development in TV industry, the Disc manufacturers are reconsidering the possibility of doing so.

Well, to cut the long blabber short, here’s a sneak preview of much hyped and eagerly awaited  Avatar’s – 3D Pack, for audience dying to have the experience at home.