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there is no title !!

25 Apr

sitting in CVEST .. doing nothing .. have to finish mamu’s project …


nothing good to do,
so i’ll do what i can do
But what i can do
is what people don’t want me to do

Since i have nothing else to do
so, i’ll do what i wanna do
and you can stop me to do
what i am going to do

ohh poor you …

shitty poem no. whatever …

I live in OBH
UG-2k4 is my batch
My institute is IIIT
Oh no no no it’s IIIT-H

shitty poem no. whatever + 1 …

Yesterday I had a match
Had a great game
But missed a crucial catch
The result,
my body need to starch
n my trousers need a patch.

blah blah !!

pc …. still not working ..
lab … nice AC ..
life .. still sucking ..
girls . enough of this topic ..
home .. missing a lot ..
DND … missing that status msg ..
bc …. its only left in life ..

when we were kids …

well now we are not ..
so, just leave it..

mmm… la la la … na na na
ta da ra da da ra pa ma ta ra ..
ti di di di idili ti li hi ri
nooo na nooo na noo … na ra ne na … !!

mmm…. what ..
was just singing in my head .. !!

ok ok ok…
don,t close you browser …
m leaving any ways…

hunnh… !! earthlings … !!

He is no more !!

23 Apr

Today was no different then other days, I woke up at or around 10 (11.30 to be precise). Brush my teeth ,did … stuff and sat in front of my PC to do usual BC.

Then it happened,

I click the power button, but… no response, he was life less. I click again and again and again but no sign of life.

Holy shit! What m I gonna do? What m I gonna …

But, there was nothing left.

Suddenly, my room started looking like a graveyard to me. Every thing was looking dull, down, lifeless and I donno … some adjective …!!

I was thinking of cleaning my room but couldn’t, had to arrange my wardrobe but didn’t.
Had to finish project also, but all files were on the Hard Disk.

It’s funny how lifeless things dissemble your life. Man is under the false impression that he’s ruling the word with gadgets. Actually these gadgets are ruling him.

All of us are addict to some thing, viz. sutta, daaro, cricket, football … just name one.

But one addiction is common among all of us, (all IIITians at least) n i.e. computer(internet).

Now what…
Well!! Till my PC gets well, I’ll hang out with the lab PC.

PS :-

1. Not going to write the full batch trip report again.

2. Have been super vella last two days.

3. F**king cold is not leaving me. Why my body is celebrating Christmas at the peak of summer.

4. What else … nah !! nothing …

मेरी पचास्वी पोस्ट !!

21 Apr

please note :-
use Internet Explorer for better view.

और इस तरह मेरा ५० वा ब्लोग पूरा होता है।
गूगल और ब्लॉगर.कॉम को धन्यवाद मुझे हिंदी मैं अपनी ५०व ब्लोग पूरा कर्पाने का मौका मिल।
कुछ मात्राओं कि गड़बड़ है, बुत ठीक इंजन बनाया है।
अगली पोस्ट मैं बैच ट्रिप कि एक्सक्लूसिव कवरेज। तब तक के लिए

ब्ब्य … !!

itz me!! -2

4 Apr

I had never been a famous guy in school, not very studious either. Were never a good player and I don’t remember, me winning any recognizable prize, other than some drawing or fancy dress (:D) competition. I use to envy those topper guys and gals, use to wonder, how they manage to get so good marks and perform on stage etc etc etc …


I never touched the 90% figure, even crossed 80% twice in my whole school life. All in all, an average student (yah!! That what people use to call me). Never regretted me being an average, coz there were guys who use to fail in class, at lest I was not one of them :D.


Just before coming to IIIT, I won my first prize in a city level competition, unfortunately wasn’t there to receive it 😦 (was @ IIIT).


Some how, I managed to take admission here. And first time I regretted that why I was not a 90+. Almost every one here was topper of their school. At the time of healthy interaction, some seniors made fun of my “academic achievements”. They said I won’t survive here. Well!! They were more experienced then me, I was worried, I was so sure that I won’t be able to clear the first sem. But by the grace of almighty, I got through the first sem, apparently with OK grade.


But the average tag didn’t leave me here, still I m average here, and I don’t regret being the one.

PS :-

  1. Some days are not yours, well!! 2nd of April, was such a day for me.
  • Mamu said I have to give presentation before end sem (Aarrgh!!).
  • Got f****d really bad in Interhouse Antakshari (I was suppose to good at this one thing at least).
  • Messed up my solo dance (prelims went better then finals).
  • some blah blah reasons …

But who cares, at least I made a debut in solo competition, on the stage.

2. Exams from 9th, don’t know the syllabus yet (A typical IIITian).

3. This is my 49th(published) post ….. 50th will be a bye bye post .

4. There are many drafts which never got public. Before I leave IIIT, they may get lucky.

5. All the best for the exams n yah!! Happy studying.

itz me !! part -1

2 Apr

Disclaimer: – This bunch of words is what I feel. I don’t expect other to understand it. Or as I said in my previous post, I don’t give a crap.

It has been 1 and a half year since I started blogging. I remember the first day when I wrote my first post. I accept it was a piece of shit. But I was so excited (yah ! yah !!) that I send the link of my blog to my first yr friends. Hoping few words of appreciation (Ankit u ass!!). Well after reading the comments … I quit blogging. They were rite … I suck at English.

Well!! When I came to the institute, I landed in group 6 after the English test. I wanted to improve my language skills some how. I heard from people that writing improve your command on language then reading. And any ways, I was never friends with books. So thought of blogging, but idea dabbe main.

Hmm… well then!! till second year second sem I didn’t try to type in my address bar!! But I use to check IIIT Blogroll daily. Till this time I didn’t think bout of blogging again, till Raghuram asked me to start writing. Few days after, I ultimately wrote a post but to be on a safer side that post consist of only pics, added my self to IIIT’s blogroll (yhee !!). And to my surprise, I actually got some positive comment. (Actually they were non-negative :D).

Any ways, that build my confidence and I wrote another post, this time in hindi (no need to mention why ?) :D. Well!! People were reading my posts and few where kind enough to leave their mark. Then I wrote a post in English (exactly after 1 year of my first post.). Well!! No comments this time, but the good thing is no comments (i.e. no negative comments)

Once I wrote a post on the formula for calculation of job package. It was buzzed in IIIT blogroll. It may not seem like a big achievement, but it was, for me at least.

Then, I wrote so many posts on various topics. Most of my posts were witty and sarcastic and some alag hatke. But was never dare enough to write bout my self, the part people don’t know. The part I usually don’t discuss with others.

Read posts of many guys who discuss what ever they feel, so honestly and openly. Since I m so close to my 50th post, I thought even I should.(Going to leave blogger,com after that)


  • I m not blaming any one, just doing Airtel (Express myself!!).
  • Please don’t mistake it to a success story (like GURU). :p
  • Have solo dancing final today, wish me luck … (don’t think I have chance.)
  • By the god’s grace, I got my LPC project presentation postponed (thanks to Malvika).
  • Feel free to give positive negative and neutral comments.

pom pom poems !!

1 Apr

The outcome of my relaxing moments in CVEST.


I’ve got caught

In IIIT’s trap

Look at me

Who don’t give a crap.

Institute has given me

An assignment-n-Project’s wrap

But look at me

Who don’t give a crap.

I blog shitty poems

n some times do rap

Yah ! Look at me

Who don’t give a crap.


You like rodents

Well I m a mice

You like ludo

Well I m a dice

If u have cream

I’ll add ice

Don’t say my poem sucks,

Coz it’s nice…

there are few more, but for the sake of my life …… m not posting here

PS :-

  • Got through the solo dance prelims, (surprisingly, I got highest point).
  • 4 days wasted to derive a shit equation. And got imaginary value for time. (Research sucks …)
  • Now a days, regretting my decision of taking ECE @ IIIT (CSE guys are getting all the opportunities ).
  • Feeling lonely these days … (feeling … can’t reason with them).