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India Shining

16 Nov


“Chi chooo chii …. Chi choo chii” the sound of jute cot was more than audible, it was unbearably loud. Even the barking street dogs were loosing their charm.

“Amma Amma”, chandu found himself finally uttering some thing.


“Eh!! I told you to throw that runt outside. Why do whores have family any ways”, chandu heard ugly bevda dada grunting to his mother.


“Why can’t he just pretend to be sleeping as he always does? But no he has to disturb him, the big bulky bevda dada only”, were the last thoughts in his mind when he found bevda standing in front of him.


“Oh… Actually …”, chandu had barely started his sentence.







After few moments, chandu came back to his sense to find himself out in the cold. He looked back to door with hope that the he’ll be soon back in his warm shawl. For the time being he covered himself with the paper lying on the footpath with the headline “India Shining”.





PS: – Wanted to blog this since one week.

PS: — But couldn’t, remember i went home.

PS: — But now m back.

PS: —- Couldn’t get Globalization… who cares …

PS: —– Delhi’s a lovely place … quoting 2nd time

PS: —— Om Shanti Om and Saawariya, how can they make such a big fuss bout such crappy movies.

PS: ——- I hate hyderabadi autowalas.

PS: ——– A PS saying Talli hoo!!

Letter to god

6 Nov

Hey how are you … GOD …!!


Sorry dude, behaving atheistically these days.

Not my fault it’s that brain you gave me, should be blamed.

You do know the guys who live there right?

The Mr. LL and Mr. RL.

They been bothering me since, it’s been so long I can’t even recall.

Like the other day they where blabbering bout the nationality and religion thing, that nationality is far significant than religion or the other way round n blah blah blah…

I mean cut it out dude; I don’t even give a fuck bout nationality and religion both. Both have been made by us humans right, and they say human’s are not perfect, only gods are (hunn ;), I hope pleasing works).

See, you send us to live, enjoy, reproduce and then die…

I hope you don’t have a separate department for separate countries there, do you?

Since I can’t take it any more I decided to write to you, hoping to get some answers … should I or should I not, follow all earthling’s conventions.


Before I forget, I wanted to thank you a hundred times for making some nice products like

Tiffiney Taylor, Jasicca Alba, Che Guevara, my wingmates, obviously my family and Mr. Kalam.


Don’t be so happy face; there are some trash products you dropped here too

Specially, Mr. Reshamiya, Mr. Bush, OBH mess’s Cook, The bully guy I met in class 6th and Ms. Ekta kapoor.


I m sure I have missed lot of people, but its not a perfect world, you made it :p


Well I m gonna shutup now. You carry on with your work, you are doing a nice job, just keep an eye on those idiots at the manufacturing section.


Give my love to all the fairies (this time please send me the red one’s no.), an yah to the angels too (only the female one 😀 ). And reply asap.





PS: – Going home … #don’t know how to write the feeling in words#

PS: — Why does feelings affect appetite, first xam, then BTP now Home (or is it only the mess food).

PS: — No more ps… have to start packing ….

PS: —- Happy diwali to everyone

PS: —– Shubh Laabh !! 🙂

Frustoo ka frastaapa !!

3 Nov

This post …

is the most …

useless u see …

it doesn’t ryhm ..

still i m writing poem …

my body parts are fine working …

neither i have lately gone tracking

I have no good message for ppl …

no one’s coming, nor m i moving

no senti thoughts in mind …

did no research

no idea bout the IIIT life

But, still i feel like blogging…


Damn!! NO topics to blog on …

still I m writing crap …

no wonder why ppl had

stopped sending me scrap!!


another out come of my frustaapa …


I still can’t stop my … blah blah … !!

PS: – BTP viva on 6th, see i m aware of approaching doom,

I have started looking around for a nice and cozy tomb.

PS: — no song of the day, no rock, no hip hop, no yoo yo..

go here and listen to the Bordeaux radio ….

PS: — It is going to happen on 7th finally..

I m going back home, for Diwali

PS: —- Ok Good bye, tata, talli hoo …

Sayonara, See ya, adios-amigo ….