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The IPL PJ – 3

19 May

Present standing of IPL Teams …


Eight: . . . . . . . . . Roya chale sponser” . . . . . . . . . . i.e. Royal Challengers

Seventh: . . . . . . . “the can – crash urge “ . . . . . . . . . . i.e. Deccan Chargers

Sixth: . . . . . . . “kool haarta, Fight or either” . . . . . . . i.e. Kolkata Knight Riders

Fifth: . . . . . . . . . . Khel li – Bareable” . . . . . . . . . . . . i.e. Delhi Daredevil

Fourth: . . . . . . . dum bhai – In the ends” . . . . . . . . . i.e. Mumbai Indians

Third: . . . . . chee nahi – but ooper se sink” . . . . . . . i.e. Chennai Super Kings

Second: . . . . . “Killing all at one -a fun job” . . . . . . . i.e. Kings Eleven Punjab

First: . . . . . . . . . . Raj @ sthan royal” . . . . . . . . . . . . i.e. Rajasthan Royal



PS: – Still confused about the title.

PS: — Leaving for Joura, dist morena today.

PS: — I was in hot waters today.

PS: —– Because pre monsoon shower caused the fall temperature.

PS: —— Ekata kapoor to start 4 new series on 2 new channels.

PS: ——- Shaharuk got a swimming pool in his house and Aamir got a dog named Shaharuk.

PS: ——– Every one who attended the zee-cine award ceremony got an Award, except the ushers.

PS: ——— If you think these PSes are sucking bad, then go a see DC and RC performance.

PS: ———- iti 110vi post samaptam …

भारत का लिंग

17 May

इससे पहले की आपके दूषित मष्तिष्क कुछ और सोचें मैं यहाँ यह साफ कर देता हूँ की लिंग से मेरा तात्पर्य है पुल्लिंग एंव स्त्रीलिंग से.

जैसा की बोला जाता है …

ये है भारत हमारा.

या फिर

भारत हम सबका प्यारा है

हर वाकया में हम भारत को पुल्लिंग से ही,

कभी सुना है की भारत हमारी प्यारी?

नहीं ना ?

फिर भी भारत को माता क्यों बोलते हैं … पिता क्यों नहीं ?

कोई महानुभाव कृपया मेरी इस शंका का निवारण करें …

5 things about IPL

12 May

IPL fever has caught everyone around including me. I have been sneezing 20-20 times a day. And there is no royal knight who can charge this super king size daredevil virus out this Indian’s body.

Any ways the reason behind this post is, I got tagged by PG … thanks for the tag mate …

So, 5 things about IPL


The three most costly teams, viz. Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers and Hyderabad Deccan Failed to leave a mark. And the teams like Rajasthan Royals, Kings 11 Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders made their place in top 4. With Rajasthan Royals (a $67 million team) at the top and Royal Challengers (a $111.6 million team) at bottom, the system of Players auction is under a big question mark.


Jaspal Bhatti mocked the cricketers’ auction and organized a sports ‘mandi’ at Chandigarh

I have been a huge fan of Mr. Bhatti’s Sarcasm since the time of ulta-pulta, and definitely not on the side of players’ auction. That’s why this news got a place in top five things about and around IPL.


If some one asks me to put my money on a team … then that would definitely be Rajasthan Royals . A team without an “Icon Player” and was expected to be the weakest team in the IPL. with the batsman like yuasuf pathan, bowler like shane warne and all-rounder like shane watson, they proved every predictions wrong and emerged as the best team of the series.


And two thumbs up for the organizers strategy of keeping night matches (so that office going guys can catch the live action, which can compensate the floodlights expenses) and organizing the match at teams’ home ground (attracts more janta, hence more money).

But 1 thumb down for mismanagements in the matches (like, floodlight problem in Kolkata, misbehavior with the cheerleaders etc) and for restricting match only to 8 stadiums (can look for other stadium in the same state at least).


Then there is the cheerleader issue, and I must say that I m very pro to this cheerleading thing… although I think that this job should be given to Indians. Why feeding Americans when they are blaming us for their starvation … 😀 … Other than those 35 Cr. Middle class Indians who are eating away their grains there are 60 Cr. others too.

PS: – Last week was pretty busy visited many relatives.

PS: — Traveling in summers sucks.

PS: — Radio PJ :- Who is the gal, jiski laat khaa ker koi bhi matvaala ho jaata hai….

PS: —- Ans :- “preet”

PS: —– reason :- rmr the kailash kher song “preet ki lat mohe aisi laagi, ho gayi main matwali”

PS: —— Okie bbye for now…

PS: ——- Now you can stop banging your head with your key board :D.

The great Khali — er

4 May

Other than IPL there’s is one more news from sports about which all the news-channels are very exited these day. Yeh! the Great khali’s vist to India.

Well, MTV was also celebrating his visit to India, in their own way …


  • · Khali is so tall that once he tripped and hit moon with his head.
  • · Don’t ask Khali to be himself it’s the worst advice you can give him.
  • · Khali use binoculars to tie his shoes.
  • · When Khali want a 1 Rs coin he steps on a 50 paisa coin.
  • · Khali is so big he has a pin code for himself.
  • · When Khali was born he gave stretch mark to his hospital.
  • · Khali’s next generation would sure evolve into human beings.
  • · People jog around Khali to get their morning exercise.
  • · If Khali was proportional he would be 10 feet tall.

Q: – What did Khali say when walked into a crematorium?

A: – What’s cooking?

Q: – What does Khali say on seeing a menu of a restaurant?

A: – Okay

Q: – How does Khali put his best foot forward?

A: – By stepping on someone.

Q: – What did weight scale says when Khali steps on it?

A: – To be continued …

My additions …

· There has been no earthquake recorded since Khali’s last visit to India .

· Global warming is bullshit its Khali’s anger which is melting all those Ice.

· Moon is actually a comet not a satellite. It is revolving around earth waiting for khali to vanish.

· According to a survey there are 15% Indians who sleep empty stomach every night. This figure was 14% until Khali was born.

· Khali don’t believe in match fixing. Because he doesn’t believe in any word he can’t understand.

· To ease the communication problem, Khali got a small intercom setup on his body.

· Khali don’t run fast, because every time he does so, he ends up at the place he started.

· Khali doesn’t mind what I write, he can’t read actually.

PS: – Completed One month stay at Delhi.

PS: — PG’s tag is under processing.

PS: — Met a long lost friend yesterday after 14 years, had so much to talk, unfortunately meeting was short.

PS: —- less than 1 month left for me to become super busy from super vella.

PS: —– A good post by somani here, IIIT is moving a step further with every batch.

PS: —— OK BYE …