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Met Creativity at meetings

30 Jul

Well, It’s been more than an year since I entered the corporate world. One most important thing I learned is, how to pretend you are interested in what ever they are talking bout in the meetings, coz you can’t sleep.

Doodling is the best way to show that you are listening and top of that actually scribing that in your note book …

I too started off with doodling … but out of ideas i started sketching my colleges’ faces. Surprisingly some of them turned out pretty well, it was actually looking like them …

Most of my readers, since don’t know them personally may not appreciate it. but that doesn’t stop me from self-praising…

PS : Increased the contrast using picasa … so images might appear little F***D up.

Are you free ?

25 Jun


How to increase blog hits

29 May


PS: And here goes my 150th post …

Nano Parking

12 May

Tata’s 1 Lac Nano will be on road’s soon. And if we go by predictions, there is going to be a huge parking problem with the mass sale of this car (apart from high oil consumption and heavy traffic). Being a responsible citizen of the glorious nation of United and secular states of India(on paper)  i’ve come up with a RAM-ARROW (raambaan) soluiton. Have a look…


PS: just don’t forget to carry a black (preferably red) sketch pen with you.


4 May

meetingAfter 200 meeting and 400 pages full of doodling, i can safely say … it’s proved …

Assuming, the subject(attendee) isn’t allowed to sleep, and is always equipped with a pen and paper in every meeting.

PS:- after fifty day long pause … i m back baby yeh … (Austin style)

PS:– It has happened first time in 3 full year life span of this blog … a full month with out a single post.

What !!

27 Feb


thats what …

24 Feb


They have feelings …

18 Feb


Valentine’s day special …

11 Feb



24 Jan


PS :- TOTALLY UNRELATED LINK : some awesome new optical illusions i came across few days back.

PS :– So missed a prof… back from college, while making this strip… (All Caps)

PS :— All the misspellings and screwed up grammer is intentional.