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Strange Incident

28 Feb

Well, I was at the subway yesterday, enjoying “sub of the day”. And there were two school couples sitting at the table next to mine, chit chatting. There were 4 trays lying on their table, with all the leftover on it. After they were finished they got up and left.


After few seconds, entered a bit bulky white woman (i.e a non-indian). For all those who have not been to the Hi-tech City subway, it’s quit small place with only three tables there to sit at.


Anyways, to my surprise this white woman took all the four trays left by brown people, emptied them in the garbage collector and kept them on the tray panel. Then she occupied the place.



And I was left thinking … are we really modernizing?




(And also how good it would be, if our college will have a Subway: D)



PS: – 99th Post …

PS: — 10th post of this month …

PS: — Got tagged by karan, 101st is going to be on the same.

PS: —- song of the day: – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

PS: —– 1 month left.

PS: —— It’s a Goodbye ps …

what’s in name?

26 Feb

BC … this is all what we do … most of the time.


So it was one of such sessions where we came up with these weird names of institutes. (coz all GRE results are getting declared 😀 )


And I was surprised to find 3/5 actually exist … !!


the institutes were …


  • Florida University of Cultural Knowledge
  • Cambridge University of Nano-Technology (exists)
  • Pennsylvania National Institute of Science
  • American School of Science (exists)
  • South Hampton Institute of Technology (exists)

PS: – If haven’t noticed yet, you might appreciate the nuances in the abbreviations of the names 😀 ….

PS: — Actually there could have been more names in the list, but its a public domain 😀 …

PS: — Not going on the batch trip.

PS: —- song of the day :-  Louis Armstrong – What a wondeful world

PS: —– must listen to this song …It’ll definately drive you senti 🙂

PS: —— From next post onwards, “Memoirs of Memories”

creatures of IIIT

23 Feb

IN the increasing order of their hazardousness


moth ka saudagar 😀


chaturbhuj … keet


Unfortunate animal (ref. PS) … captured in front of NBH.


And i never accepted that my room is a “Kabootarkhaana”


Looks dangerous … (captured near library)


Most dangerous of all

PS: – the unfortunate chameleon died in a road accident : Warning – not for people with weak heart (mrityu)

PS: — Testimonials, Testimonials … it has occupied every ug2k4ian’s mind these days.

PS: — Countdown has begun, have a month and some days left 😦

PS: —- came across this interesting post about “top most firing IT companies in India” through

PS: —– Song of the day – my world – dakku daddy

PS: —— Have to write so many posts … so many testimonials … 2 projects … 3 courses … 118 movies from IMDB 250 …. Too much work to do…

PS: ——- Bas bahut hua… ab agli post main milte hain

Last Midsem

20 Feb

Today was another something I did last time at IIIT. Yeh! The midsems, so no more midsems, no more midnight slogging, no more …


eh! I hate this no more blah blah senti …


But this is all that have crowded my mind. Reading all the testimonials from the friends drove me senti…


Same shit again …


I never had this feeling when I left school, and why should I? I had to leave every school after 1 or 2 year. It took 9 schools to finally get me an Intermediate Certificate. So, no emotional attachment 😀 .


Well, what ever!!




Question in mind: – Why do bombers put a clock display attached on a time bomb?


I mean they have set the time, bomb is going to blow up, why they want diffusing team to find out when the bomb is going blow.


Wouldn’t it be better if only the bomber knows when the bomb is going off. He would save the display for other bomb too. See even economic.


Any one still want to defend the Bomber, say Aye!!



Song Listening to: – Chris Isaak – Wicked Game



OK then … Catch you reading the next post.


Exams and the big news

17 Feb

Its 11:55 PM,

TLA book is resting on my bed, and I have no intension of disturbing it.

My PC’s speakers are sounding like Eric Clapton. (can’t get him out of my playlist)

Bloody mosquitoes are feasting on my blood and laughing at helpless allout pluggy. (wish they catch humalaria)

Thinking to write a post bout the BIG News :-

well, the news is that

– few guys from the stadium jumped over the barrings

– came to coffee shop or some region closed to it

– eve teased few girls

– and got busted by the Cyberabad Police


Its 12:10

TLA book is giving me look, a ****** give a ******* *******.

My PC is still playing Eric Clapton. (He is sticky :D)

Mosquitoes are kind of backing off, either they are full or pluggy is winning. (Go Pluggy Go)

Thinking of writing few PS…..

they are

PS: – Missed DJ Tiesto’s performance Live at Gachibowli Stadium :(.

PS: — Received first testimonial of yearbook from Ganand.

PS: — Attended BarCamp5 at Google, it surely rocked.

PS: —- Presentation on how to build a successful blog and Women in IT and Entrepreneurship were outstanding.

PS: —– Missed the Silverlight and Open source one, seems they were pretty good too.

PS: —— For more details.

PS: ——- All the best to all the exam victims.

PS: ——– Iti 95 post samaptam.

बहारें फिर आयेंगी !!

14 Feb

Well, this poem i wrote to cheer up a friend of mine … its not from the legendary “Dhool saani diary” but will soon compile few from that also.. !!

So, this poem is dedicated to all those guys, who are …. well better leave it unsaid.

फूल फिर खिलेंगे दोस्त,
घटायें फिर छायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

जानता हूँ मैं मेरी ये बातें
तुझे लगती बेमानी हैं |
एक तालाब सूख गया तो क्या
देख बहती नदियों मैं कितना पानी है |

ये कालिमा बस इक रात कि है
सुबह होते ही ये भाग जायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

समझता हूँ मैं तेरा दर्द
मुझे भी है एहसास |
पर कभी कभी कीचड़ को
कमल नहीं आता रास |

जितना तू सूचेगा
यादें उतना सतायेंगी
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
यार !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

मानता हूँ मैं कि भूलना
नहीं होता आसान |
पर एक शमा बुझ जाने पर
नहीं जलाते अपनी जान |

देख जब तक तू मुस्कुराता नहीं
मेरी कवितायेँ तेरा सर खायेंगी |
पतझड़ बस ख़तम होने को है,
बोल रहा हूँ न !! बहारें फिर आयेंगी|

(if u can’t reas devnagri (hindi script))
phool phir khilenge dost
ghatayen phir chayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

jaanta hoon main
yeh baaten
lagti bemani hain
yeh talab sookh gaya
to kya hua ….
dekh behti nadiyon main
kitna paani hai

yeh kaalima bas ik raat ki
subah hote hi yeh bhaag jaayengi
patjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

samajhta hoon main
tera darad
mujhe bhi hai ehsaas
par kabhi kabhi keechar
ko bhi
Kamal nahi aata raas

jitna jyada tu sochega
yaaden utna jyada satayengi
phatjhar bas khatam hone ko hai
bharen phir aayengi !!

maanta hoon main
ki bhooljaana
kaam nahi hai aasaan

shama bujh jaane per

jalate nahi apni jaan

dekh jab tak tu muskurata nahi
meri kavitayen tera ser khaayengi
phatjgar bas khatam hone ko hai
yaar !! bharen phir aayengi !!
PS: – No ps dis time .. !!

Relationships – 2!!

13 Feb



LLobe – What do you know about relationships


RLobe – It’s relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption.


LLobe – I don’t think so, relationships are most complicated of then that.


RLobe – Well, I think it is binary. Either I know a person or I don’t.


LLobe – OK, you know who fills water for you in mess.


RLobe – Yeh! I do. He is really kool guy, serves me water before any one else.


LLobe – So, you know him. Well what’s his name?


RLobe – How should I know?


LLobe – So, you don’t know him?


RLobe – I know him by face, but what’s with all the details?


LLobe – That’s precisely is my point, that there is degree and extent to which you know some one.


The Dhobi, whom you had stop giving your clothes since 3 years, still welcomes you with a warm smile whenever you pass him while going to mess.


The annoying security guard instead of asking for ID-card, congratulate you for getting a job and asks for a treat.


The OBH evening tea-samosa guy helps you with your stuff in a stuffed local bus.


The person who fills your glass in mess, tires hard to steal some conversation with you.


The canteen owner, with whom you had a big argument about the quantity of rice in fried rice, gives you a life to railway station early morning.


There are so many people around us whom we don’t know properly, half of their faces we can’t recognize in crowd, but some how we are connected to them. If this is not relationship then what is it?





PS: – Damn, I am missing my puns. Why suddenly all philosophical ?


PS: — Felicity 08 was real fun, a big hand for all the organizers again specially, Karan, Harsha, Himank, Subroto, Kiran, prashasti, Saurab, Chand,  guess have to write full attendance list of 3rd yr, and 2nd and 1st yr.


PS: — Went for the concert by Goethe Zentrum. Free tea and snacks at ITC Kakatiya. What else does one want?


PS: —- All night DJ at HCU … man parties never end …


PS: —– Going to Barcamp-5 at Google’s new office, register here if u hasn’t.


PS: —— Happy saint valentine’s Day to all the female readers of this blog :D.


PS: ——- Confuse about what to buy for your valentine need unique ideas, this may help.

PS: ——– Guess which dead blogger is Mr Y here. Its time for reincarnation Mr Y.

PS: ——— shabba khair … !!